Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Happy Spring! Today is the Vernal Equinox as the Sun ingresses into Aries 9:15 am PDT.

Happy spring!  Today is the Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2018 at 9:15 am PDT.  It is the moment the Sun moves into Aries begins our spring season. Every season is a key moment when we can view the planets and their configurations to give us insights for the coming months ahead and what we might see manifested in life.  Here are a few highlights of the chart for the ingress of the Sun into Aries.  Mars the ruler of Aries has just entered Capricorn on the 17th of March (where he’s exalted) and sits at 1 degree 42 minutes in this chart.  Mars is in a sharp 90 degree angle to the sun where it’s potentially a problem if you’re not doing the work, jumping into the fire may be a hazard, however hard it is stay focused on the goal, work and sweat are guaranteed with this heated combination.  Find your discipline to strive daily towards your goal it may take some time to accomplish, it won’t be easy but there’s energy to deliver, it’s totally up to you do something with it.  There is huge potential for conflict in this chart!  Mars is also approaching a conjunction with Saturn now at 8 degrees 29 minutes. The aspect will continue to increase intensity over the next couple weeks.  The two are exact in the conjunction on April 2nd, 2018 at 8:44 am PDT.  This is karmic energy definitely has a bit of fire and power behind it that comes on in a flash given the Sun in Aries. There may be more surprising faulty structures failing in the days of this season.

Pluto is in Capricorn at 21 degrees 01’and also square Eris and Uranus in Aries at 23 degrees 09 and 26 degrees 52 minutes; both are intense and known for dynamic or unexpected events that have a shadow element related to the feminine, competitiveness and jealousy.   Remember the golden apple of discord  she threw into the wedding party she wasn’t invited to create havoc with Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, which led to the Trojan war? Black Moon Lilith, also symbolic of the wounds of separation, shadow energy of the feminine and deep grief, is 13 degrees 25 minutes wedged between Saturn and Pluto.  All of them are square Mercury and Venus in Aries at 16 degrees 32 and 16 degrees 59 minutes.  Communications and perception along with the capacity to build rapport with people is challenged by the weight and coldness of Saturn and the intensity of power from Pluto.  The Saturn and Pluto midpoint is roughly 13 ½ degrees, emphasizing Black Moon Lilith’s position in the chart in a square to Mercury and Venus.  This high degree of tension between cardinal energy of Aries and Capricorn and the feminine shadow of Black Moon Lilith and Venus in Aries reflects using one’s will to become warriors during this season and speak the truth of their experiences with power and within the context of the abuse of power.  Jupiter in Scorpio at 23 degrees is also inconjunct Eris at 23 degrees Aries which highlights the shadow material we continue to bring up from the depths and that our nature as a collective continues to work in this chaos dynamic, the wounds from the depths are not something most of us connect with in ourselves, our jealousy of others at a deep level that is a slightly twisted as we struggle with acknowledging it even exists within us.  Consider being envious or jealous of a neighbor, a co-worker for having what you do not, skills, talents which we want and have yet to master, and yet it pushes us to strive harder towards that idea we see in them.  It can be also be dark in that it is utter chaos.  We have more to process about our collective darkness and what has been hidden that bears an ugliness to our collective mind about our humanity, much of this is related to the suppression of women, bodies, sexuality, professional success, fair and equal pay for same jobs, healthcare, also diverse groups, the corruption, betrayals that continue to come to light at this time.  It will continue to surface during the time Jupiter is in Scorpio of this season. Chiron in Pisces is trine (120 degree aspect) Jupiter that allows a channel for healing wounds deep in our belief systems and our habits of escapism or addiction.  What are you seeing in your experience around these themes?

The moon in Taurus is exalted in this chart, the sign of survival, simplicity, natural beauty, values and money.   The moon in Taurus in earth element is grounded and in a supportive trine aspect to Mars in Capricorn and in a very tight trine aspect with Saturn.  The moon speaks of our connections to our inner world as well; there is a very down to earth feeling for the season it calls for practicality and hard work, but not without some reward. The work has the capacity to bring you comfort and beauty.  There are cautions to be sure with Mars in square to the Sun that are imperative to be mindful of during this season. Neptune in Pisces at 14 degrees 32 minutes may bring in fantasy and juice up our imaginations which will be a reprieve from the hard work we endure in our days.  Our creativity if given a space without a clock is our rejuvenation to continue on the long road ahead of us with endurance. When we let ourselves dream and create we find new fire to give to work that requires our sweat and perseverance.

This combination of hard work yet with rewards of beauty and comfort reminds me of a passage in a recent book I read.  One of my favorite authors Robert A. Johnson in his book Balancing Heaven and Earth writes of his three experiences with the Golden World.  One of them was when he was a young man when he took a job in a canning factory moving heavy containers via a hand truck with 400 pound loads from the cannery to the warehouse working 12 hour days seven days a week with an artificial leg at the age of sixteen.  He worked himself into an exhaustion that led to his second experience with the Golden World as he called it.  His first experience had come at the young age of eleven when he lost his leg in an accident.  He wrote about this profound spiritual experience after one of the longest days of work. He shared, “I parked the car and hobbled out onto a promontory just in time for the sunrise. The sun began to inch its way over the horizon, and – unbelievably – the Golden World shone forth again with all its glory.  The same world I had known at the age of eleven, the same golden light, the same condensation of pure beauty – it was all there.  It was the same world that I had lost and mourned several years before, and I knew it with an intimacy and delight past any other value in human life. This time, at the age of sixteen, it was the same Golden World, but my reception of it was different.  There was more consciousness in me.”   I just love this passage at it speaks to something so beautiful and somewhere within our deepest efforts we could every physically give we feel our divine love connection.  When I think of this moment of the sun moving into Aries and with the challenging square to Capricorn I thought of how in our exhausted state from our hard work, when our body is completely spent, the veil thins to reveal our divine connection that is always there we just lose sight of it in our daily mundane routine.  Life is precious and spring is a celebration of life in a blast of color with new life exploding across the landscape that our eyes and senses soak up after the short gray days of winter.  It’s time to dig in the dirt, clear the rubbish left of decaying forms and breathe in the luscious smell of Gaia, mother earth, that supports our very existence and push newly kissed seeds into the soil for our nurturing and care.  The seeds give us our abundance and not just from the physical, it also sows our faith in what comes in new growth and new fruit.  Whenever we are close to earth we are alive, energized and co-creating with our creator we feel our connection to all of life, we remember we are in this together.  May this season bring you abundance through all your works!