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Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Capricorn: Collective Pressure To Restore Integrity

Tuesday, July 16, 2019, at 2:38 pm PDT we have a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn.  With this lunar eclipse Pluto in Capricorn is less than 3 degrees from the full moon.  Saturn is exactly opposite Venus in Cancer at 16 degrees and applying as well.  The south node in Capricorn within a degree of Saturn and the north node within a degree of Venus in Cancer.  It is still a rather potent mix for us all in this eclipse season.   Saturn in Capricorn bringing our attention to the authorities or our professional life showing up with more weight than usual, especially taxing on our emotional well-being and sense of security.  The burden of responsibility to keep a stoic face in an incredible enduring situation, showing emotions at this time could bring on unexpected and unwelcome challenges to what we are already dealing with daily.  It can feel as if the authority figureheads have the upper hand and the nectar and joys of life only available to us behind the doors of our sacred space and security of home.  The north node in cancer beckons us to find our balance and peace at home.  The moon in Capricorn may feel like we must put on a mask for the world as the warmth of our safe havens that seem as if wisps of smoke that disappear too soon.  This lunar eclipse seems to have themes on what can we do collectively to ensure the safety and security for us all. It asks us to be honest with ourselves for our character integrity so we may ask those who represent us in leadership for the same integrity.

Each of us must look at what it means to us to hold steady for others we love dearly and even those we may call strangers during this month.  There is potential for uncovering details in business matters as well that give new light to something we did not catch before and provides us insight for considering how we look at security.  Mercury retrograde in Leo still provides us with an opportunity to review the small print of life details we needed to make corrections and editions. When you give yourself time to do such important reviews and reflections, permission to process at a slower pace to take into account all the details that one may not grasp from the first review, it helps bring matters together with a more precise result and higher outcome.

There continues to be progress, even if it is slow progress, to shining light into the corruption of our systems.  We all have seen the news of late that is part of this eclipse season, from Epstein’s arrest, history and legal matters brought to light as well as Acosta (US Labor Secretary) resigning for his connection to the matter.  [i]  Since the total solar eclipse in Cancer from July 2nd, there have been numerous stories on mothers and their losses or wounds too. [ii]  Have you noticed how this theme was strong the past couple of weeks?  The United States is a Cancer sun sign too.  Our own identity is going through a cleansing of sorts.  We are facing right into the mirror of our wounds.  Can you see that?  The racism that is deep within our veins as a country is front and center this month as our President speaks words that demean four elected congresswomen. [iii] His insults to these elected officials have sparked some outrage in other officials as well as citizens. This communication is forcing individuals to speak boldly for what they know and what they stand for as a part of the collective embodied in the United States.  It is, after all, the building towards our values as a nation going through a deep transformation as Pluto transiting Capricorn approaches the natal United States’ Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn. We have a couple of years to go for the full return, so much of what we hear, and experience now is part of that transformation.  What will we value as a nation as we come full circle?  How will we redefine what we value as these experiences bubble up into our collective psyche as a nation?  Are we brave enough to acknowledge it to heal it?  How will it alter our national identity?  All great questions to be sure and all up for review right NOW.  Realize this lunar eclipse­­ is happening at 24 degrees Capricorn 04 minutes.  It is within 3 degrees of the natal position of Pluto in the US chart and within 2 degrees of where Saturn and Pluto make a conjunction on January 12, 2020, — the biggest transit happening this year is the applying of these two planets toward that conjunction.  It really makes me wonder how we are examining closely how our systems (Wall Street, corporations, judicial and legislative branches of our government, the responsibility and integrity of our sitting Presidents, military, economics) define us as a nation. Have you been wondering about any of these topics yourself and how you define your own identity as a United States citizen?  This is the key to this identity review and what we value.

Recently I have been exploring my family roots as part of this recent solar eclipse which occurred right on my 4th house angle (IC of my natal chart).  Not surprising to find myself exploring family roots deeply.  My family roots go all the way back to the time of pre-American Revolution through my mother’s father back to William Grant the First coming to the colonies via Pennsylvania then to North Carolina.  In the records of my distant great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather (seriously I am guessing on how many greats to add) who came in 1729 as far as I can tell from the records I’ve reviewed.  What is interesting is that the story is he emigrated from the Scotland Highlands and may have served during the uprisings as Scotland fought to re-gain the crown for King James II supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie.  They fought for their way of life in the Scotland Highlands, only to have it fall after failure on the battlefield.  So the beginnings of one nation are always the ending of another, so we are all connected in some way to a similarly themed story.  My ancestors sought a new life in the colonies, but not without losses and a struggle in losing against the British. And yet there were people here in this land before my ancestors landed here too.  So there were more wars, more death and then expansion by use of power, this is a story across most of our human history.  I reviewed my ancestors with awe for what they endured for seeking a place to live and build and grow, and sadness too because in review I know the price others paid for that expansion.  It’s a grand paradox.  I learned that later and not much later, many of those Scots would fight for the American Revolution and would win. However, within that identity of our beginnings is the enslavement of Africans, and the defeat and mass relocation of the Indigenous Americans, so the idea was imperfect in how it was implemented.  It would take us near another century into the Civil War and then almost another century before Civil Rights.  You see, we have to accept the shadow of our identity of our origins before we can heal.  But how do we do that?  One step at a time is one answer.  It can be as simple as loving your neighbor that isn’t like you.  Giving grace for allowing “them” to exist and have their beliefs, but also to have the same civil liberties.  Racism will extinguish us if we allow it to continue dividing us.  It takes forgiveness, tolerance and loving our neighbors.  It takes training, it takes education and patience.  When we operate in integrity in our systems we collectively can heal so many wounds.  We are a long way to integrity in our systems, but it is certainly clear what we are going through and growing through right now is highlighting where we need to be better in all these areas that have been hidden or swept out of view for too long.  These ill-conceived behaviors, beliefs, and crimes are being brought to light for us to transform them so we can move toward a higher conscious with moral integrity.  Just as much as we hold those accountable for their lack of integrity and crimes, we must also be diligent in fixing laws and cultural behaviors that protect such from our systems. Also, it’s imperative we allow for new ideas to surface and be brought forward with new solutions given what we know now.  Getting a higher view of these themes we can move through these challenges with greater resolve to make changes for the better of everyone.

Mars in Leo is squaring Uranus in Taurus with Mercury still squaring by retrograde transit from Leo to Taurus is keeping us on our toes. It is truly highlighted right now in the media on the communication and misguided words between Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and then the President’s comments via Twitter that moved the focus back to him.[iv] Are you catching it all?  It is almost like watching a volleyball match and sitting on the edge of your seat anticipating who is going to slam a spike onto the opposing team, or maybe you have tuned it out altogether.  The retrograde transit of Mercury with Mars and Uranus makes for abrupt communications and sometimes without a thought in how they send messages to the masses. As an observer you can bear witness how one responds is just as important as what you respond.  Perhaps you have had the unpleasant experience of this firsthand this past week.  Sometimes we learn through our mistakes too.

Venus opposing Saturn at this lunar eclipse shows the polarization between the stoic face of authority and the softness of loving emotional well-being, it is not a pulling together of these opposites but more likely you will find yourself dancing between the polarities sometimes in the loving space and sometimes in the face of hard responsibilities and fulfilling expectations.  The moon in Capricorn is eclipsed by the earth’s shadow.  Reflection is not as illuminating as it otherwise might be at a full moon, which pushes the Saturn and Capricorn themes a bit more forward demanding your attention.  The feminine perception is overshadowed by the masculine with this lunar eclipse because the moon will be in Capricorn and the moon rules the sign of Cancer where Venus and the sun are currently in transit.  Consider how this dynamic is in your life. Where are you moving back and forth in a given day to attend to your family and home, your security, and your professional life?  Where and how are you responding to your personal authority and mastery in your life (career or profession) ­­that enables you to have a secure home and identity?  ­­­­How often do you bite your tongue not to say what you really feel or think directly in your professional life because your emotional intelligence knows what the higher action is for your well-being over time?

Jupiter and Neptune are square in Sagittarius and Pisces and still give us ample room to put our foot in our mouth or create an escape through fantasy for the short term if we need.  Fantasy and storytelling can be good for the soul when we need a respite from the demanding work we do every day.  Even better is traveling to far-away places where our senses are fully engaged in something new and unfamiliar that reinvigorates our spirit. How are you bringing Jupiter expansiveness into your life?  Is the boundless Neptune supporting your view into the divinity of life around you?

Eclipses are heightened periods for us all.  It may have us diving into our family ancestry to better know who we are from our deepest roots, or deciding to change our employers or even move to a new home, it all depends on where these signs fall in your chart. When you have a higher awareness the bumps of life are easier to navigate and your emotional upheavals fewer.  Not sure of your own nativity?  You can find it by creating your chart online at astro.com or connecting with me and I’d be glad to share your chart with you.  You might have to connect with a parent or look on your birth certificate for your time of birth, but it is a good time as any to know more about yourself.  May the rest of this month find us empowered by new choices that keep us in integrity and the courage to hold those in leadership accountable to greater transparency and moral fortitude do the what is right for the community which is inclusive and protective of humanity.


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