Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse today at 4:33 PM PT in Leo – Aquarius Axis

lion-artist-andrew-a-gonzalez-painting (1)

Today, February 10, 2017 is the beginning of eclipse season for the year. Today at 4:33 pm PST we have a full moon lunar eclipse. This is a very dynamic chart for energy. First the earth will be blocking the light of the sun from Aquarius to the moon in Leo, creating the shadow across the moon. This is symbolic for the shadow side of Leo surfacing for us to better understand our Leo energy of the self, the energy of the child, our authentic self in healthy expression. Key word here is *healthy* expression. What does the shadow side of Leo look like? Let’s take a look; first what happens if a child does not have the proper mirror from a parent during their development years
for being creatively self expressed? Here’s a great quote to ponder on this theme: “The world of feeling is unpredictable, confusing, and hard to control. That is the nature of feeling…Some people are fortunate enough to grow up in families that teach that it is all right to experience feelings and tell he truth about them. Many families — perhaps most — teach their children strategies that become problems for us later.”-Gay and Kathly Hendricks

In the long run, when we suppress our emotions we become sick, it’s that simple. What we may find in this lunar eclipse is a need to address old wounds around suppressed self expression. It may zoom into focus through people in your lives and may bring into view for your healing. Writing in a journal, having a heart open conversation with a friend that you are safe with in exploring this theme are healthy means to removing an old block that once freed will open doors for increased playfulness and creativity. Narcissism is the shadow side of Leo. Consider the “selfie” trend with social media in our society and how we see what seems like a happy healthy person, only to learn later behind the broadcast smile a lonely and depressed individual? In a world that seems more connected, we are less tuned-in to the intimacy that creates long lasting friendships and loving bonds.

Collectively this is really important for souls. How does our behavior intensify the shadow? It’s a moment to really contemplate a very simple exercise in building relationships…listening. Truly listening to someone share from the heart. This is where we share our hearts and our compassion. Leo energy operating in its healthy glow comes from the heart, it’s the king (and queen) and it is also the child expressed and heard. We find our healthy Leo as parents by listening to our children share their stories of the day, their art is welcomed and placed on loving display on the refrigerator, their feelings are allowed to be felt in fullness. As adults, we have to acknowledge our childhood and consider our own personal stories of being heard in the sharing of our deepest of feelings, were we tenderly listened to? Were we silenced or muted in some way? If we have shadows swirling on these themes as adults we can take the time to address them through loving ourselves. What do you do now to feel your authentic feelings? Do you share with a dear friend, a trusted spiritual leader or with a parent over a meal? This lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius is a light on objectivity and the whole of humanity.  The individuality of self and the Leo archetype ego exits within a whole of humanity (Aquarius) and will only find it’s true power when it acknowledges this knowing of being connected to the whole.   It definitely offers energies for healing related to the authentic self (Leo) it helps break through blocks on this theme. Locally here in the Tri-Cities the Ascendant is Leo (the rising sign) emphasis on this energy is on the angles and on the self (1st house of self, vitality) and other axis (7th house partnerships of all kinds). There are two yods (Finger of God) in this lunar eclipse chart as well.  One yod is Pluto (18 Capricorn) Chiron wounded healer 22 Pisces 50′, flowing to the Leo Moon at 22 Leo where it’s released. Another yod is Jupiter (23 Libra 06′ Rx) the Moon (23 Leo 28′) to Chiron (22 Pisces 50′). Also in the mix is Uranus and Eris (21 and 22 Aries) in trine to the Leo Moon and a trine from Saturn ( 25 Sagittarius 28′) emphasizing fire energy in this trine. Fire energy is about taking action, having courage, moving forward and also with Saturn in the mix in Sagittarius is also is a note to us on re-evaluating our beliefs and life philosophy. There could be an uncomfortable shocking revelation in our beliefs. Uranus and Eris both are shock-wake-up energy in archetype of Aries who does everything boldly and loud, trust me, you won’t miss it.  We all may see more activism during this lunation cycle.  Your soul signed up for a wild ride, indeed your soul will grab your attention when it wants you to focus on something you need to address to be your authentic self. Remember, the heavens are a reflection of what is happening on our inner cosmos, thus the mystical wisdom of “As above, so below, so below as above.

Painting by Andrew A. Gonzalez