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Full Moon in Virgo – March 9, 2020: Creativity in Times of Isolation

Monday morning, March 9, 2020, we have a gorgeous full moon in Virgo. Virgo a feminine mutable sign this moon illuminates our attention to our daily routine our health and focusing on the smallest of details.  Presently millions of humans are observing the daily news of the corona virus that seems to continue to spread across the globe. Some communities on lockdown, some with increased restrictions related to public events and working from home.  Millions of humans having to readjust their daily living to help decrease the spread of this virus. If only that time were spent learning astrology, they might come to understand this situation with a set of new eyes. Here are a few questions I’ve asked myself while pondering this global situation. First, I wondered if astrologers would make the leap and look at the astrology of this global matter, especially mundane astrology.  I found a few and I recommend reading them.

The first article I highly recommend is J. Lee Lehman, her article on her website here. https://leephd.blogspot.com/2020/03/coronavirus-notes.html?fbclid=IwAR0bov_ln9XZYKAAVOHJ1KlHIVtpqe33rhD-AB40Hl-lVSv0Cbn-5nlfTec

Another article of interest on Cov19 from the Astro Twins https://astostyle.com/astrology-and-the-coronavirus/

A third article here https://www.astrodynamics.net/musings-on-the-coronavirus/ from Lynn Hayes.

I share these articles to give different views on the subject and not just my own.  Astrology is an art and science (by technique, time and space, and calculation), which is a valuable tool for individuals to use for their life, self-understanding, and gain insight related to larger themes happening globally.  The information in the symbolism can help people navigate their lives with a higher degree of faith in reality connected to something larger in the universe than just the material world.  At this full moon, I dare say more focus is on the material world matters and our daily lives, which is a true dynamic of the Virgo archetype, so I want to add a reminder that the potential of abundant creativity is also in this flow.

Astrology reveals through symbolism what is above is also below, and what is below is also above.  We forget to celebrate the keys of our connection to everything, and to my eyes, astrology as a language is our connection to the grace and intelligence of Source, some call that intelligence and organization God and how we go from feeling to knowing we are connecting because through knowing astrology and the experience of an astrology transit bridges the gap. Add in the unique synchronicities offered to us daily we can heighten our heartfelt connection.  The ultimate Virgo-Pisces if you think of the micro-world (earthly daily life) and that of the macro of all the heavens above us and the surrounding universe we are aware of and that we have yet to discover.  When I frame this current experience of the coronavirus within modern astrology I cannot help but think of the present and growing containment and limits (Saturn/Capricorn) that are being expanded by governments (Saturn/Capricorn) to help contain a virus, a microscopic bug that is passed from human to human via microscopic water droplets through our eyes, nose and mouth from either breathing it in or through touching our faces after contamination. The virus itself is behaving in a Pisces kind of way, moving with ease without boundaries.  Neptune in Pisces makes the dynamic more evasive, harder to contain and Mercury having been retrograde since February has been playing trickster and hard to capture into containment.  The virus began in early December 2019.  As far as I can read we do not have a first patient or zero point to know the exact time it originated in Wuhan.  Though we do have the first case in the United States, a person who traveled back from visiting family in Wuhan, you can read here. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2001191

We can only speculate from the news reports as the numbers increased rapidly in December and then the world.  Jupiter leaving Sagittarius and squaring by sign Neptune in Pisces may be part of the astrological signature of this virus, going beyond the borders with ease and rapidly. And the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020, starting a new cycle with these heavyweights in the collective is the archetype of the quarantines, death, changes in structures, governments with new rules to help decrease the spread, travel, markets and work schedules being impacted and even the cruise ships being blocked into ports of entry.  Those who know astrology would have surmised the symbolism of the cruise ships and the spread of disease as they are symbolized via the Piscean archetype, which is at the center of this viral outbreak.  So, the question is how does the world recover from this viral outbreak?  Science will help (Aquarius) and the other side of the polarity of Pisces, which is Virgo.  Last year I did a class on the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction we all experienced January 12, 2020.  I noted in that class how historically the conjunction was played out archetypally through wars between nations, more prisons being built and governmental abuses of power. This conjunction in 2020 has a twist, collectively we are battling something, we are at war with a microscopic virus. Not expanding prisons maybe, but there is a considerable exponential leap in individuals being contained in their homes or forced containments in other areas if traveling until there is a defeat on the virus that is palpable for the public to return to operating as usual. People and markets will feel this restriction for many months to come. A course of action that will take time to change, in the meanwhile patterns are broken and the reality of it all is restricted movement.

Two important considerations that a lot of the astrology community has not written much on yet.  One, it was amazing to me to see so few articles written on the virus across the community in January and February and it is rare to find solid well-written articles even now.  Perhaps the reason is the lack of a first patient chart from Wuhan. Thank goodness for mundane astrology using Aries ingress and the rules for using additional solstice and equinox charts.  I am so glad J. Lee Lehman shared the in-depth view on the mundane astrology of this matter. It really helped me understand the themes through her writing how long this viral outbreak will be in the collective.  I am not a mundane astrologer (though I enjoy reading and exploring it) so I genuinely appreciate her work and others who do mundane astrology. Second, the state I live in has been hit with the virus hard, in Washington state, though I live three hours east of Seattle area. It has affected many friends that live in that part of the state with new controls to contain the virus.  Millions working from home, telecommuting and taking precautions to reduce the spread, which hopefully will work to slow down the numbers of who may infect others without knowing.  We can already see some news coming out of China that there has been a slow down in the number of new cases and news of recoveries that are emerging as well.  The virus response is still in a sensitive period of time for containment.  When we reach the Aries ingress, March 19th (8:50 pm PDT) we have a new key time stamp moment the world will be considering within each country.  If you read Lee’s article, you’ll see there will be ripples across the entire year and into next year on how far-reaching the impact of the virus takes on humanity. Because truly even though the origin of the virus was Wuhan, the ripples extend over the planet and we all are getting an experience collectively of our connectedness.  Not just through the virus itself, but our daily lives (Virgo) and how we exchange goods and services and even how we jump into the fire to protect each other too. Those who work in public health are symbolized Pisces and 12th house as well, working with the collective in places of containment. Millions upon millions of healthcare officials are on the front lines taking care of those stricken ill at this time, and not just with coronavirus, but the flu and other illness that might look like coronavirus too.  Each engaged in processes to support not only the patient but their own safety at the same time.  High levels of discernment are engaged right now with healthcare professionals.  And some professionals also confused on proper procedures too (Pisces). Those best prepared and knowledgeable skills (Virgo) in handling the virus will have greater success in patient’s recovery and that is the Virgo archetype at work, every day and every hour. If there is a breach in their safety equipment that is the symbolism of Pisces (Neptune Pisces). Mercury is stationing direct today too (March 9th) at 8:49 pm PDT.  When Mercury re-enters Pisces there is likely to be a new surge in issues related to virus and new containment considerations. Mercury re-enters Pisces again on March 16th and will be there until April 11th when Mercury enters Aries. When Mercury reaches Aries there will begin to be new understanding and visible results of containment. Mercury zips through Taurus April 27th through May 11th.  Mercury will be in detriment when the nodes change signs, with Mercury ruling the lunar North Node. The lunar nodes will change signs from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius on May 5th and additional changes will take place relative to movement, because the south node in Sagittarius may show the losses for international travelers from cancelled travel plans and more.  Gemini north node will show us the facts of the matter and Mercury when in moves from Taurus to Gemini on May 11th we’ll have a new baseline of information from the extent of the virus over the six months from the date of its beginnings in early December 2019.

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus at the time of this full moon at 4-5 degrees.  This can be symbolic of volatility in money, currencies that indeed are showing up and will be reflected for many over the next month.  Many workers are losing time at work and their income will be impacted. Both Venus and Uranus in a trine with the south node of the moon in Capricorn, so especially governments will feel more vulnerable as there isn’t something blocking the outflow and losses.  However if one considers the other side of it, Venus and Uranus are also in sextile to the North Node of the moon in Cancer, the focus is on our homes, our self-security and it all makes sense that is the most important.  We will find serenity in our homes, but we will have to keep the fear between our ears by remembering our mental home needs our focus for serenity to breath too. Our diligence on how we think about the virus and calming our minds every day is our task too.

The experience with working remotely or being quarantined and even some who fall ill will force us all into different levels of evaluating our daily lives, our money, how we have been spending our money, how we look at our home and what’s in it because we’ll have extra time inside our homes probably at unprecedented levels at any other time in the last few decades for that matter.  When we have these opportunities, we can look at just the negative, which is easy if you stayed tuned in 24/7 to the news, but there are some positive potentials that will be seeded from this restrictive public exposure experience.  First, genius doesn’t stop in such moments and it may find being in a sheltered space a new perspective that brings about new ideas, new technology, new research, new writing, new a-ha moments of inspiration. Second, science is getting volumes of data to better understand our connected lives that help us improve how we respond to these types of events.  The more informed we are on how the virus spreads the better we can improve our responses and improve them. Collectively we may come to new standards of how transportation of humans and goods works that improves overall.   Third, vaccines are created, tested and made available to help decrease the vulnerability of humans too.  Finally, we get to decide every day how we live our lives, but it will have a new awareness of our connectivity.  Our free will this year and how we actively use it will have greater value than it did prior to the outbreak.  How many of you are dreaming of travel that you cannot do right now but will make happen when this event passes?  Personal freedom with the desire of movement will increase. Watch the pendulum swing as we come out of the containment phase. Interesting to consider the period of containment over several weeks for humanity as Saturn is about to exit Capricorn and enter the sign of Aquarius on March 21st.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, (modern astrology adds Uranus too) in the fixed cerebral air sign.  It may be when Saturn is in Aquarius the first reveal on a new vaccine that works and reported recovery, or the cost of losses relative to the air travel decreased during the containment, and even revelations of how technology has helped us during containment. This period of time may raise questions about our ability to telecommute more than we have in the past and with that a decrease in our carbon footprint, perhaps.  There is much to consider from the technology perspective as Saturn moves into Aquarius. This time in limited public exposure has dropped so many seeds into the minds of humans simply by the reduced distraction of required in-person office meetings.  I joke slightly, but you get what I mean!  New ideas drop in when there is less distraction and new questions are pondered in the collective mind. About ten years ago I recall listening to Abraham-Hicks and the sharing on “launching the rockets of desire.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfuszUBXNMc  We are deliberate creators, no doubt.  Notably, many folks will have plenty of fear encased in some of their new desires, but some will be positive and put their focus on solving problems and asking bigger questions.  Consider the power of the collective, especially all those who have new ideas and at this moment in time what is coming through their thought streams. Have you dared to think what new gold nuggets for better living have dropped in?  It is rather dizzying to consider that the volume of seeds dropped in the past few months. This includes solutions to problems, designs and creativity that flows from this moment, the more focus put on those new dynamics it will flow in new ways. People in service-related jobs may find extra time on their hands to play in their passions of artistic pursuits, music, drawing, painting and amateur films in the extra time not at work. I know from spending years in the tech industry that most are comfortable with telecommuting from home, but in a situation where it is required to stay home there is a space to think that wasn’t always there because in-office there are the usual inter-office interruptions. This isolation space gives individual thought the pause where ideas drop in. Not all will be equitable in the forced decrease of public interaction. Some will have to work but with fewer hours during the contained time will be felt more dramatically on their wallet and income. If you venture out to eat or have something delivered, consider how valuable your tips are during this time too.

I agree with the professionals at the state level to minimize risks, though I think a lot of the news is too much coverage that invokes fear too.  Find a balance that is manageable between how much news you take in every day and handling the tasks each day.  Have space for creativity to flow to engage your right brain.  Getting overwhelmed by the news is something you can easily change by turning it off and scheduling one hour for it only each day.  Managing your self with great discernment for what is healthy input for your whole self-right now is of the utmost importance. And remember dear souls you are multifaceted even beyond the finest of diamonds. With the sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces at this Virgo full moon, the dream is bigger, the creative is boundless and it is up to you to how you align with it that supports you in the most meaningful way.  Bless this moment. Namaste.