Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Taurus tonight – Liberate Your Love with Your Lover

Full Moon in Taurus at 10:24 pm PDT, November 3, 2017, at 11 degrees 59 minutes  with Sun in Scorpio.  Here on the west coast the moon is at the top of the chart taking a prominent 10th house position.  Moon in Taurus is exalted in traditional astrology making this an even more potent full moon.  Where is Taurus in your chart?  Taurus is our place of natural sensuality, our values, our money and possessions, our connection to earth as well if we remember its simplicity.   We can complicate our lives by holding on too tightly to things, especially material things that can create a burden for us over time and may limit our freedom to some level.  The full moon is the peak fullness of an ever-moving cycle of waxing to full then waning to start once again.

The ruler of this full moon is Venus, she symbolizes our sensuality and our ability to receive and give love.  In the moment of this Taurus full moon Venus in transit is in Libra at 25 degrees Libra 55 minutes, opposite Uranus at 25 degrees Aries 54 minutes retrograde.  This opposition of Venus and Uranus across the 4th/10th axis (from west coast perspective) shows us a tension between our roots, our family and our career or public life on themes of harmonizing family expectations and the liberation of our career or public persona, one example of many of course.

We can also see this as a tug-o-war between relationships close to home and liberating our sensual selves in some open way that speaks to a deep need to free ourselves from the expectations of others.  Uranus is a wild card, so how this plays out for us would be a surprising and quite unexpected.  It can also be traumatic with Uranus’ ruler Mars also in Libra.  It may require our attention to our behavior related to underlying tensions of misplaced power even in subtle nuance now, but likely to grow in our awareness, as Mars is in a wide applying square to Pluto and when these two get together in a challenging aspect like a square, shit gets serious quickly.  Remember your own power to walk away, avoidance often is the highest choice.  Mars will be perfecting the square to Pluto November 19-20th right after the new moon on November 18th, so the square will be a serious aspect in the coming lunar cycle.

Mercury in Scorpio along with Sun and Jupiter has invited as all to step into the dark, perhaps taboo subjects, digging in the caverns of our personal lives we’ve kept hidden from others for either fear or secrecy.  It has a chance to come out, get some time in the light, in our conscious mind to ponder your fear, your reasons for secrecy.  It is also possible that deeper secrets and fears are being born in this very moment, that is Scorpio, if we sugar-coat that our reality doesn’t have dark experience we do ourselves a disservice of what that is in the human experience and how we are with our own shadow.  We may fight it, freeze up from it, deny it or come face to face with our inner dragons.  They’re there for us to acknowledge, how we let them live in our wholeness is really an act of love and compassion if you think about it deeply.  We have art, writing, film, music and so many channels to let our shadow breathe.   I wonder how many incredible, beautiful and even Scorpio themed tattoos have come to life in this past month?

Saturn in Sagittarius at 24 degrees 54 minutes is applying once again to the Galactic Center degree.  We have seen the progressive news stories to continue unfolding sexual harassment and assault with celebrities (Neptune) (also North Node is in Leo transiting those born with Pluto in Leo).  Saturn is where the karma can be seen of one’s actions, but also with Black Moon Lilith transiting that same Galactic Center degree in Sagittarius we truly are getting a Pandora’s Box opening to get to these dark matters that plague us and our equality between men and women, and our sexual natures.  What has it meant for you?  What have you come to understand recently with this busting wide open these past couple weeks?

Neptune continues its forward motion in Pisces in trine (water elements) to the Scorpio Sun, Jupiter and Mercury.  Neptune in its own sign Pisces opens our imaginations and dreams.  They may have a quality about death and rebirth being in trine with Scorpio where Sun, Jupiter and Mercury currently transit.  Where have your dreams invited you to see more of you and others?   Are they empowering?  Or are you aware of fears?

Scorpio a feminine fixed sign, water element and Taurus a feminine fixed sign, earth are getting extra attention tonight.  A great night for connecting with your partner, your lover, your spouse to meet in sensual sexual union.  We are sexual beings.  Humans exist because of our sexuality.  Be healthy, get intimate with your lover and grow closer in knowing you light the inner fires for each other that gives you both a regenerative energy in the beautiful sexual union.  Liberate yourself with your lover!  Love life all that life is.  God bless to all.  Namaste.

*Painting: In Bed The Kiss by French Painter Henri de Toulouse Lautrec1892