Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Scorpio tonight at 10:24 pm PDT – Digging in the Dirt, Find Where You Hurt…


Today, April 21st, 2016 the moon will be full at 10:24 pm in the sign of Scorpio at 2 degrees 31 minutes, taking us into the watering depths. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and right now with Mars inretrograde it is taking us even deeper into ourselves. Difficult with Mars right now squaring Neptune where we may find some ugly stuff in the depths that we just don’t want to look at. What negative stuff has been “illuminated” and will bring our attention to this toxic piece of “shtuff” we must look at and change it. “Energy is always there”, as my teacher says, it just changes its form, and we are able to do it if we have enough COURAGE to do it. That’s also Mars, courage, taking brave action when we really don’t want to, but we must take a stand for right action. Unconscious actions may get us into trouble, Mars knows the territory well. We can build our spiritual muscles too, by digging into the muck and understanding we always have a choice to transform if we don’t like it. Bad habits wreaking havoc on you? Toxic? This could be anything food, too much “digital screen time”, drugs or alcohol, negative talk (both inner and exchanged with others) and even people who we really need to let go of to move forward for our highest being. Sometimes not stirring the pot that would let all the junk on the bottom get into the mix is also a strategy, I’ve heard this from some of my friends that follow the teachings of Buddha. Our minds are deep and complex and we only know a fraction of our capacities.

This full moon demands our attention on our feelings and emotions we may have tabled for whatever reason that require us to work through and sort out in some way if they have come to the surface either in a subtle way or even an abrupt loud and aggressive way. A moment to acknowledge them, feel them, let them flow in a safe place or channelled even into a piece of art work or poetic burst. When we allow our toxic stuff to be released we create ourselves anew. Forgiveness is one of the easiest and sometimes the more challenging virtuous actions we can take for ourselves and others, and maybe now is a good time for it. To have and experience true intimacy in our lives we must be able to forgive ourselves and others to be able to return to the place of vulnerability where love is. If there is a gift I’d want to give the world it would be that we all could take a moment to forgive something within us that is blocking us from experiencing a deeper more intimate love.

In the midst of writing today’s blog for the full moon we learned of the passing of musician artist icon of my generation, Prince. His music brought a lot to us as we danced, cruised and considered many subjects of life in his lyrics including pain, suffering, domestic violence, sexuality, sensuality and death.  Some call him musical genius, some say his creativity as an entertainer was unique and downright raw and sexy.  Any way you viewed him, he touched a lot of people with his presence, his style and his music.  We will be holding our ritual tribute concert on vinyl in our home tonight celebrating his music.  RIP to Prince Rogers Nelson.

Here are two videos for inspiration on the theme of forgiveness: The Forgiveness Project and  Jack Kornfield: 12 Principles of Forgiveness.

Blessings and love for all souls on the brave path of life.