Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Scorpio – Saturday, May 18, 2019: A Place for Reflection and Intimate Connection

Saturday, May 18, 2019, we have a full moon in Scorpio at 2:11 pm PDT.  With the Sun in Taurus at 27 degrees 38 minutes fully illuminating the moon there will be a desire to not only be simple and take things slowly but also to seek places of sanctuary and respite. How do you plan to spend this weekend?  Be sure to make a commitment to yourself for a few hours of no agenda, total chill out time.  The moon in Scorpio will have the potential for emotional uprisings, but you may find that you just want to hang out with your dearest friend and talk about things that only you two do.  Scorpio is the energy that likes that deeper intimacy with another person be it friend or romantic.  The north node of the moon is at 18 degrees Cancer and 42 minutes, so the moon in Scorpio is also in a water sign giving us all a watery flow of connection to the north node.  If we do not find the intimate space with a friend, it may be we have work to do or other obligations.  When our hearts want the chill time and we don’t get it we can have a shorter fuse on our patience in the daily grind of life. Mars is Cancer may stir the pot of emotions for some, but not all.  It really depends on every individual and how they are tied into the planetary placements.  Later in June 9th through the 20th Mars makes aspects by opposition to the south node of the moon, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  We will definitely see the crazy a bit collectively and you may feel the tense exchanges in interactions with people in your work life or from those of your family, often it can be handled by resetting boundaries and expectations that have not been made clear.

The moon in Scorpio makes a very wide trine to Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune is a big planet and long cycle, so even at 9 degrees it will have some influence. Neptune is absolutely trine the north node so there is a connection that is tight and relative to flow.  Having a sense of being safe and secure in our homes our place of refuge brings simple healing to raw nerves that get overwhelmed in daily work schedule.  It is a lovely weekend to create something and garden.  Painting is a good use of water energy and also music.  It would be soothing to the soul this weekend indeed.  Make time for the simple things that bring you happiness and joy wherever you focus your energy.

Mercury is within three degrees of the Sun so our thoughts are slower, pondering life through the five senses. Sun and Mercury are trine (120 degrees) to the south node, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn.  Your thinking may be pondering life and work, schedules, deadlines and new goals, but the soul needs a bit of space to let it all go for a few days too.  Presently with so much happening every day in our nation (United States) and globally our souls can only absorb so much each day, each week before it seeks a quiet space with time to reflect, meditate, recharge which opens our hearts.  Do you find that you are more centered when you do take the time to recharge? Can you feel right in your center you are stronger and find greater peace or more at ease in the big changes happening now collectively?

Venus rules Taurus and is separating from a conjunction with Uranus.  Venus at 4 degrees 13 minutes and Uranus as 3 degrees 59 minutes perhaps you’ve had some unexpected surprises come into your finances or money?  Maybe you’ve just had a friend surprise you with flowers.  It can be a new design in your garden or an extraordinary piece of art that you’ve found that just speaks to you now.  There are many ways that Venus and Uranus conjunction could manifest in your world, but it can be a delightful new way to observing beauty through your eyes that are seeing new things!  Mars in Cancer is in sextile to the Venus-Uranus conjunction so it is stimulated by the masculine principle in the water element.  Have any of you decided you want a water feature or sculpture at your home recently in your springtime make-my-space beautiful mode?

Another aspect to touch on is Mars in Cancer at 1 degree 46 minutes is applying to a square with Chiron in Aries.  This is something that may result in some dialog that does stir emotions and feelings that surfaces your need to address conflict issues (Chiron/Aries).  Chiron in Aries is about managing one’s presence in life, dealing with conflict and understanding the value and necessity of one’s masculine consciousness as important.  Anyone born with Chiron in Aries would have this as an undercurrent life lesson to realize over their lives in different situations that they have a right to exist and have a voice.  Life will require them to stand-up and confront others as it a way to heal the wound of feeling not connected to life where they may feel valued.  It is a lesson and growth in their own masculine consciousness, both men and women.

Jupiter is in retrograde still in Sagittarius at 22 degrees 12 minutes.  There are millions of us reflecting our personal truth, religious beliefs and higher learning too.  Recent news events in several states have many of us wondering how important truth, clarity and good higher education is because it seems to be lacking now in many leaders on how women’s bodies actually operate.  I won’t dive into that too deeply here, but you get what I’m saying I think about Jupiter’s presence in our experience.  It seems bigger right now, the huge gaps our society is revealing.  It is also touching right on the main nerve of the collective USA about where is the boundary (Saturn/Jupiter) around religion and our government?  It looms like a shadow right now the blurred lines of church and state.  It actually is quite unnerving how far it has slid backward in just two years.  What are the consequences of these decisions being made into law?  What else is on the table we cannot yet see (Jupiter still is square Neptune)?

Astrology is one esoteric practice and art that we can look to the patterns and cycles to better understand ourselves in the process of great changes.  It is a good time to dig deeper this weekend, Scorpio moon is good for research.  What’s a burning question you have currently?  Have you considered seeking an answer through astrology or tarot?  It is a great weekend to ponder deep questions where the answer may lay hidden from view and you get insight to seek.   If you are yearning to understand a bigger picture cycle and local to the Tri-Cities I will be presenting Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2019-2020 Navigating This Life Changer at Lotus of the Moon tomorrow (Saturday, May 18th) at 12:00 pm.  It would be great to have new and former students at the workshop!

In closing thoughts on this full moon on Saturday it is rich, dreamy and potentials for steamy.  In all of it, you get to decide.  Your focus, your heart and mind and where you want to put your energy.  The Sabian symbol for this full moon is 28 Scorpio which says, “The kind of fairies approaching his domain.” The image invokes to me a higher mind seeking the place of security and sanctity.  Where the king is in a reflective state of being.  What is found during that inner focused time?  Where do you feel your most comfortable and heart open? That is what this image feels like to me.  What do you sense in the image?  Bless this moment. Namaste.