Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Sagittarius in a T-Square with Neptune in Pisces – Light of Truth T-Boned by Leaks

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Friday, June 9, 2017 at 6:10 am PDT we have a full moon in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius, the sign symbolic for natural laws, beliefs, high learning or education, philosophy, truth, an aim toward the future.  Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter is stationing to go direct one hour after this moon becomes full and that enhances the influence.  Notice the moment of “truth” on the world stage from USA politics and the senate committee hearing with Comey about the background with Trump and getting to the truth of the matters that are front and center, also the elections in UK and the impact of Brexit, current national security issues they are also experiencing.   We also learned recently the leak from a government contractor, Reality Winner, whose leak sheds light on truth that she deemed important enough to break laws to inform the general public.  It’s indeed a unique moment with the Sagittarian themes, both sides of the coin to consider light as well as the shadow.  What’s the shadow side of Sagittarian archetype?  Consider being overly optimistic in your discernment of risk on the above news stories, or the short sightedness of breaking laws or even demanding loyalty, the pitfalls are indeed deep and costly.  How about how you say something?  That also seems relevant to these matters.  Sagittarius is not an archetype for being known a tactful speaker, sometimes being direct without having a grasp of the importance of subtle protocols, or artful persuasion methods  working against your best intention.

Jupiter stationing to go direct has a powerful increase here in the moment, a significant large planet, the greater benefic (traditional astrology) within the Libra the sign of the scales (justice one of Libra’s themes).  I’m hopeful that we’ll see truth come to light and justice may prevail for the people (the moon symbolizes the people in the national chart).  Within this full moon chart Jupiter in Libra is at 13 degrees 12 minutes in a wide trine (120 degrees) to the Sun in Gemini at 18 degrees 53 minutes with emphasizing the air quality, duality (Gemini), and Ceres (dwarf planet) is within 2 degrees of the Sun noting the nurturing, the harvest, the power in this full moon moment that offers us a gift.   It will be interesting to see how Ceres is embodied in this moment within the collective.  How is the feminine empowered here?   Venus moved into Taurus yesterday and is a sign of her domicile and Mercury moved into Gemini on the same day, as sign that Mercury rules and where he’s quite happy with the mental energy, the exchange of communication, and the spark that enables connection.  Mars is in Cancer, (traditional sign of fall) where the action that is intended may not go in the direction desired, there may be a winding or switchbacks up the mountain or wading through emotional reality.  Mars in Cancer is in the sign the moon rules, so there may be resistance, obstacles or blocks in some way to the way we feel secure, individually or collectively.  With Mars in Cancer, my thought goes to where we can find our courage deep within us to stand up for truth, where we can take action to protect ourselves, even from the “enemy” within we don’t always see in our blind spot.

The Moon is within 5 degrees of Saturn in Sagittarius which is retrograde now and applying to the moon which may feel like a bit of gut punch to the people from the Saturn authority figures within this full moon chart.  Uranus is keeping the gates open for the fire though from Aries with a trine to Saturn and builds a grand fire trine when you bring in the north node in Leo.  How might we be pushing our way through to the truth?  How are we demanding it in light of everything?  How is it empowering us collectively to embolden our effort, put our name on it and be known for it?  Notice how Comey came out with a statement before the hearing, a carefully orchestrated stage for telling his truth.  The North Node in Leo wants the individual to shine through expression, having an ego in the work in some way and we need to consider the value of it.

Themes of misuse of power are quite present here.  The balance across DOJ, White House, FBI, CIA and other agencies and how that is to work in proper perspective for national security and more, interesting these same themes arose during Watergate over 42-43 years ago.   The leaks now and the leaks back then, revealing the shadow of power. Neptune is the archetype we’d look for relative to leaks, currently in Pisces the sign it rules (modern) it in square to the sun and the moon by 4 degrees, enough to have influence, so essentially the recent leaks from Reality Winner the government contractor are so critical in this story line.  The gaping hole by the information and what information was kept from the public via NSA, which seems imperative to our national security and yet it wasn’t available to us (the public).  This will be interesting to see how it unfolds.  Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn at 18 degrees in a wide square to Jupiter in Libra at 13, it is definitely a showdown of breaking down the archaic ways of governance, with the pursuit of justice sharp in our focus right now.  How will we change structures that we find instable from this news, the truth that comes to light?

Astrology helps us see the dance of archetypes of life, especially interesting on the larger view in the collective such as national interests.  It’s just as fascinating and humbling to observe and experience in the personal, individual life.  You may be experiencing these themes in your individual life around truth, loyalty or the betrayal of loyalty (Neptune square this Sun and Moon) or even the need re-affirm your courage and speak up for what you believe in from what you know and have experienced.  Sometimes we are given the opportunity to see the other side of the coin and often those times are difficult, but powerful lessons for our spiritual growth.  Astrology is one tool of many that can quickly get a perspective on themes you are working with and how you can manage and navigate your life with greater clarity and purpose.  Until the New Moon in Cancer and onward, bless your path as you seek your truth.  Namaste.

***Photo of statue of Ad Astra atop the Topeka, Kansas state building.

In search of a worthy image for today’s blog I found this stunning photo of Ad Astra on the Topeka, Kansas .  I was awe struck to learn the original design winner was to be a statue of Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture.  However, another statue was chosen many years later, read the history in the article at the link.  “The title of the statue, Ad Astra, is taken from the state motto, Ad astra per aspera, which translates “to the stars through difficulties.” I was stunned for the synchronicity!  Today I was a volunteer for a presentation via EA Zoom Meetings for Ceres with Victoria Cooper (will be posted to youTube soon) who shared in depth my chart and another volunteer Dawn Cerise’s chart on how Ceres presented in the signature of our natal, through progressions and solar arcs.  I’m still digesting her wonderful insights and had to share this beautiful synchronicity related to Ceres.  Even though she did not grace the building ultimately, what is represented with the symbolism of the Native American warrior and the beautiful motto it represents is stunning in the far reaching truth we may find with our increased awareness that astrology brings us.  As above so below, so below as above.  Amazing!!!