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Full Moon in Libra – Saturday, March 31, 2018 5:37 am – Accountability & Sensual Conversations

Saturday, March 31st at 5:37 am Pacific Daylight Time we have full moon in Libra, the sign of the scales.   At this full moon we have an emphasis on relationships and our balance between our individual motivations, personality and the need for engaging and balanced relationships. Venus just entered the sign of Venus bringing her into her own domicile. This full moon invites a mix of energies, Mars at 7 degrees Capricorn 46 minutes applying to Saturn at 8 degrees 53 minutes creating a heavy duty cardinal T-square in this full moon, bringing something dynamic and possibly challenging with these planets involved.  Mercury is also involved in retrograde in the sign of Aries at 12 degrees 56 minutes bringing in speed or a change that happens quite abruptly!  The moon at full is 10 degrees 44 minutes Libra, illuminating the 12th degree Sabian Symbol for deeper insight, “The professor peering over his glasses at his students.”  With this combination of Saturn, Mars, Sun, Moon and Mercury I would tend toward this symbolizing looking at something with fresh eyes and beyond what we think we know, but rather a seeing someone or people with an deeper understanding from a knowing through experience.   Let go of what you think considering behavior, who are they at the heart.  How someone is in any given moment is a combination of memories, presently focused and even expectations, but there’s also emotion and when we know where and how someone is a moment we may see them more clearly because from this knowing we are often more compassionate knowing the bigger picture.  It also speaks about having the ability to read others, having a good intuition in social situations. Venus just into the sign of Taurus is a sweet difference after Aries, so there is a down to earth, comforting and even sensual potential too, it all depends on where you put your focus.  Perhaps your friendly conversations lean into sensual comforts.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we have to quickly respond, but it’s important to remember the choice in how you respond.  Didn’t your mom ever say, “No one promised you a rose garden?”  Go plant your own roses if you want to make your space beautiful, it is always up to you to have a dream and then take action to create it.  It’s a make –it-happen kind of full moon here to work with, especially on any kind of purge, clean and beautify, until the new moon in Taurus in a couple weeks when it will want to be calm and simple. Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio at 22 degrees 27 minutes and widely trine Neptune in Pisces 14 degrees 55 minutes, this combination does invite interests in exploring your dreams, imagination, dark humor or mysteries.  In a negative space it may invite destructive behaviors with substances, too much escapism, no matter the form (digital, alcohol, drugs, sex, Netflix marathons, whatever).  Once you open the portal it may be hard to return to balance, which this full moon would like to achieve, but it will find a few obstacles to achieve it along the way.  Uranus at 27 degrees Aries 27 minutes still may surprise us in connection to bigger picture with Pluto widely square at 21 Capricorn 9 minutes, which really doesn’t care about how the fact your life has been turned upside and it will never be the same. As humans sometimes we get shocks, sometimes we get a steady flow of routine and sometimes life demands us to change absolutely everything.  Consider this a moment in time, where something has changed and if you’re in rut it is changing and you need a new set of eyes along with a creative imagination, or at least the ability to hear your heart’s desire and turn yourself in that direction and give it focus.  Remember you’re never too old to try something new and to let go of ideas and routines that don’t light you up.  If you are seeking insights I have my spring special now on through May 20th 25% off all astrology readings.  You can reach me at sarrah@onesagesview.com to book your reading. For all those who celebrate Easter, may your holy day be lovely and filled with new hope and faith.  Blessings to all souls this full moon.