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Full Moon in Libra April 7, 2020: Relationship and Cooperation Muscles Getting a Workout



The Full Moon in Libra –

Relationship and Cooperation Muscles Getting a Workout

This Tuesday, April 7th we have the full moon in Libra at 18 degrees 44 minutes.  This sets up for a very dynamic Tuesday increasing many changing variables, things happening quickly.  When planets are in cardinal signs life dynamics manifest change situations quickly.  Starting and stopping quickly whatever is timely and due for expression into our materials world.  This full moon in Libra is extraordinarily dynamic.  Venus rules this full moon, with her recent entrance into the air sign of Gemini she is supporting the air element, but there are challenges with other planetary aspects.  We are getting a real workout on our skills in communicating, and cooperation, and keeping things balanced in our close relationships.

Both the moon and sun at this full moon will be in a T-square with Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, widely but still within a seven-degree orb. Just like it sounds the T-square has a lot of tension within the configuration of these planets. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn are the disrupting archetypes to an otherwise lovely moon in Libra. It is a bit concerning to see the ruler of this Libra full moon, Venus, in the 8th house of death, isolation, idleness, and fear. The moon is right on the Ascendant of the full moon chart, just a hair over a degree.  With the moon angular for those on the west coast, this has an intensified effect on relationships and the frustrations of isolation. The symbolism also shows the sensitivity to the lungs, with Venus in Gemini.  Gemini is the sign of symbolism for our lungs.  Mercury the ruler of Gemini squaring to the sign of Gemini just separated from Neptune in the watery sign of Pisces, during the full moon is about 6 degrees away, just a few days out before Mercury enters Aries, so clearly not out of the woods yet.  This week by the nature of the full moon will have life experiences culminating.  What culminates will not be easy collectively either. It has hard sobering truth with facts of death that for many are dealing with emotions every day in this situation. How many of you feel overwhelmed and feel wearier managing your families and households while working and taking care of children and figuring out how much you can actually do and then letting go of what is less important and urgent? Do not burden yourself with guilt in this time, there is just an extra weight upon your shoulders.  Be present, that is the most valuable on purpose action one can ask of themselves now.  A Libra full moon lights every shadow lurking on the stage of our closest relationships.  Some relationships will dynamically change at this time.  Consider the bigger picture to keep yourself centered as best you can because the reality requires keeping your feet on the ground and your self-awareness increasingly fine-tuned.  This full moon is a good time to reflect on your relationships, all of them.  Most of us have time if not then you are the few who are the front line dealing with this unprecedented moment in your work life and we are indebted to your service in the hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices and distribution warehouses that help the masses.  Mercury in the watery sign of Pisces with Neptune is also symbolic of the overwhelm of experiences with pneumonia and watery mucus in the lungs. Venus may support but there are challenges by her actual placement in the full moon chart.

Mars and Saturn, both in Aquarius are also applying to a fixed square to Uranus in Taurus. This energy combination is the highest tension that has been building over time and is about ready to flip something like a switch.  Uranus is also in a Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, so once again there is a fragile nature to Venus-ruled signs right now.  Uranus is the sudden event, the surprising change of circumstances and Mars and Saturn in Aquarius are the group consciousness collectively showing brave faces or giving voice to inequality that is fast rising in the present challenging pandemic. For example, it is clear right now as all our schools (in my home state of Washington) will not have children returning to classes at school, instead, they will finish the year in the unknown experience of online schooling.  Certain districts are ready and have the connectivity to fairly quickly shift the learning experience online, but it is also clear there will be many school districts that do not have this in place, nor are they able to quickly pivot for this situation with the imbalance of the system. Those without connectivity, nor ease with technology has the situation revealing these gaps by zip codes which glares back upon our leadership now having to face the situation directly.

The full moon reveals (illuminates) the volatility of our resources, but how the imbalance is made worse through job losses and medical insurance tied to individual jobs. The spark of this illumination will be the desire of millions to fix these imbalances and that will be one silver thread in this dark cloud.  The pandemic is showing us our weakest spots in our cities and communities.  We can fix what we know, even though this moment will have consequences for our running to catch up to these real gaps and imbalances.  With Venus as the ruler of the full moon in Libra, and with Uranus in Taurus, another symbolism is the potential for actual earthquakes, and electrical or technology systems with erratic availability, especially when Mars is exactly square Uranus the same day but in the morning around 11:48 am PDT.  It can be a series of events that spiral through the day of this full moon given Mars exacting the square with Uranus and then the full moon exactly full at 7:35 pm PDT.

It may feel like a wave that breaks that was rising with the ocean to reach its peaking and then the crashing back into itself. I use this metaphor, but the reality will be all too real for many people related to some area of their life that is in upheaval and the energy will release.  The stress of our newly fitted shoes of collective group awareness, like the lobster who has shed its old shell still hiding in the rocks for the new one to harden and give it protection. We all have fresh new skin and thoughts about how we are connected to others.  We feel deeply about our vulnerability. For some of us this creates anger as it feels imposed upon us and we fight the idea. For many others, they were exercising it frequently, prior to the pandemic, but even the agile ones in this newly hyper-focused group awareness are still finding their stride in the unknown landscape ahead on either jobs or how to follow their heart’s calling at this time within the bounds of Saturn in Aquarius and the current limits imposed upon them.  Service to others is much harder within these parameters.

Meditation and prayer gain power in these moments because in the action of both we are empowered.  Our liberation from the feeling of confinement or self-isolation is a mere thought. Surrendering to what is also gives one liberation from the expectation of any other reality.  Being in the moment is filled with purpose. How do you create that space within your inner world? How often have you heard on the news, or from a family member or friends that are ready to get back to a normal routine?  When that is stated and expressed by anyone that reveals the resistance to what is and that holds a person outside their being fully present in the now. And I know many of you know the fastest path to return to the now, which is…. drum roll – yes, you got it, GRATITUDE!  If you have children, how do you steer them to keep their spirits high? Through gratitude for every little thing that is available and what is beautiful and abundant in your immediate environment and that you become aware of through reading.

What is your courageous response to limits? You may set up a new relationship with your awareness of time.  We may be in unprecedented times, but this Libra full moon reminds by the symbol of the scales. Not just for justice, but fairness, equality and the ultimate of harmonious balance.

I read this quote on Monday, “The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.  But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”  J.R.R. Tolkien

This sums up this full moon better than any other words I could string together.  Love still grows, and as we move past this moment the powerful love that binds us will be palpable in any shared event, from concerts, baseball games, dances, and family reunions.  We will embrace each other with greater compassion and endearment holding on longer than ever to sooth our weary heavy hearts. May you be safe and grace surround you at this unique time.  Bless this moment. Namaste.