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Full Moon in Libra: April 19, 2019 — Reflecting on Your Needs in Relationship

The full moon in Libra on Friday, April 19, 2019, at 4:13 AM PDT (7:13 AM EDT) happens at the 29th degree of Libra, also known as the critical degree. When planets and Sun and Moon transit the critical degree there’s an emphasis that is quite restless before there’s a change in the next sign.  Frank Clifford notes the 29th degree of a sign is a “fated degree” or in other words poised for a change!  The modality of the moon and sun are both in cardinal signs at this full moon before shifting into Scorpio for the moon and Taurus for the Sun.  The next day the shift also of Venus into Aries is also important for this full moon.  Venus is exalted in Pisces and just past her exaltation degree in the full moon chart.  One perspective is the creativity and imagination that is open early Friday morning.  The main focus may be two-fold with this Libra moon, one is social justice (note the scales of Libra), the Sun in Aries who is also exalted right before shifting into Taurus and applying to Uranus which loves to surprise us all with unexpected outcomes or events.  The other perspective is all about Libra’s focus on relationships, and perhaps about reflecting on relationships, one’s inter-dependence within a relationship and challenges with power, since the full moon in Libra and the sun are both square to Pluto (power, transformation and potential betrayals), lunar south node in Capricorn (the old paradigm falling away with dramatic change), and Saturn (structure/commitment/fated endings/beginnings). This is a dramatic lunar cycle, it really poses the moment for an abrupt change, but it might be a break-through.  Mars is in airy Gemini and Mercury is in fiery Aries, while in mutual reception we can have a passionate conversation and yet we might see that the other (Libra) we are engaged with aligns for a brief moment with us in whatever conversation and topic.  It may be surprising to experience this type agreement out of the blue.  A potential break-through where you thought you would never see the other (Libra) change their mind and agree with you on something that they always were the protagonist with you before for a long time.  It may offer a refreshing exchange and you may find yourself energized but such a conversation.  Moon jumps into Scorpio around _____and then by 9:35 am PDT is opposite Uranus, as the sun finishes the 29th degree of Aries.  The moon opposing the electric Uranus from the raw emotional place of Scorpio and the fixed earth of Taurus sets up a moment of unexpected surge of emotional outpouring. If you’re with a counselor at that time it may prove to be a good purging session.  If you are with friends or family it could be a dramatic intense exchange that ends up with very dynamic exchanges.  Jupiter is still square Neptune and applying again now in retrograde so idealism may be something you come to realize or escapism tendencies to find freedom in challenging relationships with others who disrespect boundaries.

Consider the value of inter-dependence in contrast to co-dependence.  Inter-dependent relationships allow individuals their authentic selves to be just as they are, but in cooperation with another in relationship.  There is high trust and understanding of the partner.  In co-dependence there may be fear that keeps two individuals from growth that if taken may threaten the relationship existence but ties the two individuals into a pattern that is unhealthy for each individual to consciously move and grow into their highest potential of self.

Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius is sextile to the full-moon and applying from the retrograde currently at 24 degrees 13 minutes, also a trine to the Sun in Aries setting the stage for a flow if high energy and supporting the moon.  Mercury may be in a near semi-square to Mars but Chiron conjunct Mercury at 3 degrees 26 minutes is the sensitive spot Mercury will and on later in the day. Mercury catches up to Chiron at 4:43 pm PDT.  This is a sensitive spot for communications, for those ruled by Mercury and for children.

One of the main reasons people seek guidance of an astrologer is to discuss their relationships and their feelings about them and want to know what is in the moment of the archetypal symbolism of the planetary transits.  This full-moon at the critical degree, while supported by a Jupiter in it’s own sign by sextile, it does have some challenges from the lunar nodes square the moon and sun and the ruler of the south node Saturn within one degree of the lunar south node (and applying)  and 2 degrees away from Pluto. This is the heaviness combination of the full-moon moment starkly reminding us that power and authority is under the deep transformation demanded by Pluto and the responsibility of Saturn to act. Saturn for many people reveals the karmic fated experiences, it depends on your choices, but there is another perspective one can understand from the traditional astrology viewpoint, especially if Saturn is a key planet such as ruler of the 7th house of relationships or tied to that by aspect and woven deep into the story of the individual.  Saturn may also by aspect be in an easier flow with Venus or more challenging, or may even rule Venus if she is in Capricorn or Aquarius for an individual.  No matter the context, this Capricorn combination of Pluto, South Node of the moon and Saturn may be sobering and restrictive for many.  Here is where I remind my readers that your nativity is your key to understand how you experience the transits.

The north node of the moon ruled by this Libra full-moon is our place of safety and where self-care is important.  It may be challenging to meet our sense of security on Friday and even a few days into next week as the Sun enters Taurus, conjuncts Uranus and the moon starts it all on Friday opposing Uranus from Scorpio.  Is something being liberated in your life this weekend?  Why are the deep emotions surfacing? Can you answer that question? Does it feel fated or more like a destined moment of transformation you feel ready for now? Has a recent experience end of this week landed on a sensitive spot for you that you are still healing?  It can definitely take a person on an abrupt journey and it stems from relationships and our balance between our independent self-expression and our essential needs in relationship romantic or friendships.

It is a good day to really create some space to contemplate yourself and relationships. This is cardinal energy of the full moon so it will feel like on again and then off again and then on again.  Venus is also leaving Pisces (the ruler of the full-moon) on April 20th as she enters Aries and then the shift will be more aggressive in nature – more Mars-like than Venus.  What can you give yourself today that you might find harder to receive (Venus) in the days following this full moon?  Venus is about RECEIVING especially in a sign she is exalted.  Venus is feminine energy (so your gender doesn’t matter) it is about one’s ability to receive love, being loving (high consciousness is more aligned with unconditional love).  Venus is the one responsible for how we build rapport with others and the one responsible for who we allow into our lives and our inner circle for intimacy.  Mars is passion, I’ll save that discussion for another day.  Venus switching from Pisces to Aries will feel very different.  Social justice issues are stirred up with intensity for this full-moon, so that may flow into the next week with a lot of verve.  Decide if that’s where you want to use Venus Aries energy along with Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini, great for fierce conversations to get a point across to a group.  I hope this full-moon fully illuminates what your needs are in a relationship (both romantic and platonic) and that you find the courage to have deep conversations around your needs and their needs for a healthy cooperative and fulfilled relationship.  By taking action in your relationship needs shows that it is a priority for you in your life.  Bless this moment. Namaste.