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Full Moon in Leo February 8, 2020: Playful Adventure – the Universe and You

image credit: ID 163837071 © ndp | Dreamstime.com

February 8, 2020, at 11:34 pm PST  the moon reaches full lunation in the sign of Leo. This full moon is highly visible, especially on the west coast.  In the sign of Leo, there is an illumination of our childlike and playful nature.  Mars adds to the mix with a trine aspect to the moon and the moon is applying to Mars increasing over the night and into tomorrow which heightens our sexuality and flirtatiousness as well.  Mars in Sagittarius at 25 degrees 4 minutes at this full moon with Moon in Leo is outgoing, humorous and even out to grab a little attention, which may include drama within the threads of interactions. Be open to exploring something new that you have not yet tried. Life is also an adventure that is waiting for your open heart to play.

Venus at 1 degree 44 minutes is applying to a conjunction with Chiron in Aries at 2 degrees 53 minutes.  This reminds us of the importance of expressing what we desire and using our free will to realize something we desire.  There may be healing or remembering old wounds that need our care when the planet Venus conjuncts the wounded healer.  Chiron in Aries is about masculine consciousness, repairing old beliefs that we are not worthy of something in life especially around themes of attractiveness, love and romance, and even the right of existence considering larger themes that have left us timid to feel our existence has a deep purpose.  While Venus conjuncts Chiron it may be a good time to pose the following questions.  Where have I guarded against connecting or not engaged in a loving relationship to protect myself?  When have I not been able to express my feelings of anger?  Was I taught not to be self-assertive, aggressive or express any anger as a child?  How does my wounded angry child block me from a loving relationship?  Am I uncomfortable with speaking with fierce directness about my essential needs? Is there an unconscious memory hindering my love expression because of my deepest fear of survival? This weekend is a good opportunity to explore some of these themes with Venus, Chiron, Mars and this full moon in fire signs.  This full moon in Leo encourages us to be seen or excites these feelings within us to be acknowledged and validated for who we are and be loved just as we are too. Creativity expressed with others is a benevolent outward play with this full moon.  Celebrate this weekend with friends at the theater or comedy club because a Leo full moon wants to have fun and needs the group to feel and embody the expression.

Mercury in Pisces is at 8 degrees 6 minutes. Neptune at 17 degrees Pisces 21 minutes.  Mercury will begin to slow down as it applies to the degree it will station on February 16th at 12 degrees 53 minutes to retrograde.  It will transit through all the early signs of Pisces again and back into Aquarius on March 4th (after the New Moon in Pisces, which I will write more about then as well).  This period of time is more intuitive, meditative and creative than it is logical.  Information can come to you through symbols at this time and listening to your inner world.  It is a time to review, reimagine and surrender in the moment, and for our society and how it operates and expectations of the Western mind we are likely to see mistakes and accidents because most of us must operate in a linear logical state of mind for our work and even for some of our home life.  I encourage playing with your imagination and your relationship with the universe at this time.  Ask for signs, ask for symbols that remind you that there is more than just your 3D world experience. It may surprise you the synchronicities that reveal to you during the next few weeks.  Play with it because Leo encourages us to play and we often learn more because we surrender for just a moment our preconceived ideas about time and reality and how non-logical the universe works in bringing something to our awareness.

Uranus in Taurus is at 3 degrees 01 minutes at this full moon.  The maverick of the bunch.  It is trine widely to the south node in Capricorn and sextile to the north node in Cancer which are at 7 degrees 44 minutes of those signs.  There is a precision to Uranus I expect if you have any planets or angles at 3 degrees Taurus there can be unexpected breakthroughs or breakdowns.  Even within the other fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio there is a potential surprising moment opening this next two weeks until the new moon in Pisces.  It can be both something that surprisingly finishes old business or like flooding what was preventing it before now is released and it flows over the bank.  A trine to the south node from Uranus would potentially be like that surrendering or sudden loss that seemed to hold for a time but all of a sudden something like a gate or door is opened and out it goes.  Cardinal south node in an earth sign with Uranus in Taurus, a fixed earth sign.  That can reveal in whatever house you have Capricorn in your chart.  It could also be like money or assets being unfrozen for your freedom to use now.  With the United States of America Capricorn second house of the Sibly chart, I ponder what losses we may incur now or what old values are going down a slippery slope right now.  Have you pondered your own values recently?  What values as a collective are you aligned with and how are they in the present moment?  Are these values being sustained or slacked?  All considerations with the south node in Capricorn and Uranus widely trine to it.  Of course, Uranus is also sextile the north node in Cancer (within orb) and that excites the safe place of home or personal identity too.  Each lens of perspective gives us new perceptions, new questions and understanding.

Jupiter in Capricorn at 15 degrees 26 minutes with Pluto at 23 degrees 40 minutes and Saturn at 25 degrees 59 minutes are the demanding weight of responsibility and transformation that takes time and working hard.  Saturn and Pluto are in tension with this full moon around 150 degrees which called an inconjunct aspect.  A tension that is there and doesn’t connect or agree with the playful moon.  It’s okay to know that the tension is there and give yourself permission to play.  When we play we find new energy for all the other aspects of our responsible life must-dos. The revelations about power structures continue, though there can be a feeling in the new phase of Saturn and Pluto that the changes we really have worked hard for what seems still way off on the distant horizon while in the thick of serious matters that have yet shown a glimmer of change.  It can feel like the old paradigm is what it will always be as if nothing has changed much so how can a person be seriously hopeful. Even optimistic folks have shaken their heads in disbelief this past week as we move towards this full moon how disheartening recent events of public displays of power are out of balance for what they are putting on the stage for recognition.  It is ever important to remind oneself of the time it takes to change old beliefs, old patterns of behavior and old paradigms that are currently in positions of leadership both nationally and even in places where we work.  Saturn moves into Aquarius in March some people already are anticipating this shift but it will begin a visible shift for the rest of us March 21st.  As my mother always says, “Patience grasshopper.”  We have another Mercury retrograde first to catch a few more items in the bucket of disillusionment or showing us that not everything is as it appears on the face.  Jupiter supports the practical approach to work that needs to be done this year in the enduring process of change.  The Aquarian sun of this full lunation is the essence of group consciousness and how we work together to make life work for more people in a balanced way.  Right now, learn how you’re connected to the universe through play and what you learn can be applied to larger parts of your life.  This small exercise in play is for opening the heart, reminds you that you are not alone, that we are here together.  Observe the littlest of children how play informs them of their relationship to life, you may have forgotten the joy that is right in front of you.  Namaste. Bless this moment.