Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Capricorn tonight at 9:07 PM PDT – Pluto / Moon Power opposite Sun / Mars Security


Tonight at 9:07 pm Pacific Daylight Time we have a full moon in Capricorn at 17 degrees 09 minutes. Our full moon will be within a degree exact of Pluto in Capricorn applying. So the connection between the people (moon) and power (Pluto) playing out on the world stage (macro) in this full moon energy will be quite strong. Look to the news events, observe how power is in great tension with the security of home or homeland. With Mars at 22 degrees 39 minutes of Cancer just past the Sun in Cancer within 5 1/2 degrees it’s a heated exchanged with Pluto and the moon in Capricorn. Jupiter in Libra at 14 degrees 29 minutes widely T-squares the opposition of Pluto, Moon in Capricorn and Mars and the Sun in Cancer, highlightening activism or social justice (legal) interaction that is likely to disrupt this enormous power play in this energy. It’s cardinal, a mode of energy that manifests quickly grand changes. On the personal level (micro) we can feel this tension in our lives in dealing with the systems of our community (Capricorn) at odds with our home or home security or even self security (Cancer). Our emotional well being is at odds with authority figures, perhaps bosses or even with our fathers. This full moon is amplifying our emotions, so how do we work through the energy and watch for triggers that might set us off? First is knowing that you could be triggered if you know you’re natal chart and where Cancer and Capricorn are in your natal chart. This provides insight into the themes of where you may have emotional sensitivity at this time until the energy wanes. Second, what do you do to let emotions through but in a healthy way? Consider what you do to take care of yourself. This is an important awareness for self love when you need it, as the coming eclipses in August will bring even greater intensity (more on that later). The opposition of the Sun and Mars with Pluto and this full Moon will likely bring up subconscious material that we haven’t completely healed and will need our loving attention. Long talks and walks with our friends and loved ones are one path to consider. Being vulnerable, sharing our hearts helps us re-set anchors with our priorities that bring us home, to our foundation where we feel we can be ourselves. Make time for those priority loves is a good bet.

Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde at 22 degrees 50 minutes is still reminding us to commit ourselves to boundaries, setting limits on our wildness and yet bringing form and shape to future goals and adventures. Think commiting to some plans that you’ve been weighing back and forth. Perhaps you want to go back to school this fall and you’ve weighed the options, while Saturn is in Sagittarius it supports making the commitment to such a long term endeavor. Saturn loves work, duty and responsibility and you can work with the energy while in Sagittarius for higher education, including religious or spiritual studies and even long distance travel for work endeavors are themese in aligned with the energy. If Sagittarius is in your 1st/7th house natally you may be making new commitments to yourself or to a partner too.

Venus in Gemini at 4 degrees 35 minutes is not yet in opposition to Saturn but it will be applying the week of July 16, but exact on July 24th. And Saturn is moving slowly as in late August will station direct at 21 degrees on August 25th. The week it is applying and the week or so after the exact opposition will be a time of tension for commited relationships possible in communication patterns or urges for independence. It may be simple disagreements on vacation over preferences for fun. However, Venus in Gemini will be interested in a variety of stimulus and fun with loved ones and friends. So set expectations clearly early on. Also, just in a new relationship? This combination can send the urges for commitment on one partner and the urge of independence on another. Consider what your needs are and make sure you are both getting your needs met in a new relationship, again communication will be key. If you don’t know your love languages, check out Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, your heart and head will be glad you did.

Neptune retrograde at 14 degrees Pisces 07 in a trine to the Sun and Mars brings a depth within the water elements to the moment. It may heighten our enjoyment of music and the arts and our spiritual connectedness. It also opens the gates for no blocks to easy substance abuse connected to the need or desire to escape from pain or unresolved wounds. Be mindful and watch out for your friends who may be struggling at this time. Perhaps a good cry over a sad movie may move some of the emotional flow that may be present! Sending the message to friends and loves that it is healthy to feel our pain and it’s okay to let the tears flow and cleanse us and let’s us process any grief we may be holding.

Uranus at 28 degrees 16 minutes in Aries bringing us unexpected events into our conscious awareness, sharp endings and beginnings, in trine with Saturn in Sagittarius it is actively opening up new chapters of life as it trines the North Node in Leo at 24 degrees 36 minutes. How we identify ourselves, where we are actively applying our free will in life to live from our heart. This fire energy combination ignites our passion, our courage for being present and seen in the world. Be brave! Show your colors of all that you are!

Mercury, that part of us that is our perception our thinking and that moves swiftly between the seen and the unseen (remember Hermes helmet?), is now in Leo the sign of the Lion, the place of our heart, the ego that must share it’s thinking and perceptions and needs a audience! Like a Lion we’ll see some bold and audacious ideas and perceptions while Mercury is in Leo. A child at heart or even an adult ego acting like a child, goes both ways. It is never boring, we can be certain.

The nodes of the moon North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius will continue to highlight the values of ego and creative expression and the shadow of independent, objective Aquarian energy within us. Those born with planets and angles within these signs will have specific experiences that will bring into view what this is for them personally. To understand astrology is to experience life and see how it is reflected, it helps us understand ourselves, our patterns our karma and our strengths within life and our uphill climbs to self actualization. I encouage you to explore, know your personal planets from your natal chart and have the insight of astrology to guide you through life. It’s a blessing that I value and I hope my sharing inspires your curiousity too. God bless! Namaste.