Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Capricorn and Mars Retrograde in Aquarius – Move with Caution

Today is a significant moment in planetary cycles; Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius on June 26, 2018 at 2:04 PDT (5:04 EDT) at 9 degrees 13 minutes.  A truly unique sign for Mars retrograde as well.  Last time Mars retrograde in Aquarius was July 11, 1971, though at that time conjunct the lunar North Node (*Daniel Fiverson, thanks for the recent detail on the dates clear back to 1529!)  This cycle will be Mars retrograde conjunct the Lunar South Node, so there’s two times the reverse power in this one. Mars is all about action, using the will, taking courage and is known for the connection to frustration, anger and violence too. Aquarius is a fixed mental air sign. Aquarius energy is incredibly fixed in the mind so putting these together seems like we may not really get much done for good reason, it’s time to align with the flow and reflect, take note of what hasn’t been working and review the thinking around whatever is the target aim. It’s a time where things do not work as we think they should, there’s a delay in how it comes together as the Mars passion behind in the initial push has come to a stall point and you may think everything is coming undone, when honestly it may be better to consider and review the blocks with discernment. Review the failed tests or attempts to consider taking some space. Sometimes too close to a work in progress we miss something, only taking a time apart from the focused intense thought will something drop-in that just needed you in the right head space. With this retrograde the Sun in Cancer is applying to an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, bringing an intensity and duty-driven pressure to the moment. Who feels like they could even take the space to relax to allow creative or inspiration to come in when life demands otherwise? If we don’t take the moment to create distance and space for reflection we often pay for it a number of ways, injuries, accidents and failures in our technology and our systems.

As Mars stations retrograde and picks up speed he will be applying to another square with Uranus in Taurus, the most unpredictable planet in the system.  This summer will be not only exhausting to so many, but sexual energies and passion to project oneself into life will be slowed and with that combination makes some pretty frustrated and funky folk walking around.  Unless you were born with Mars retrograde in an air element, you may be the only group who look a bit perkier than the rest of us.  Caution would be a good word to add to your daily prayer or your daily mantra.  Individuality can be asserted, but Mars retrograde wants you to do some work on your inner dialog for a while.  Work behind the scenes and be ready to push out your finished project or product by end of August when Mars stations direct on the 27th.  Jupiter stations direct on July 10th at the 13 degrees of Scorpio, but I see Mars influencing the forward motion through the entire summer. You may find yourself nursing an ankle or a knee, and if you do end up with that manifestation, take time to really examine what’s trying to get your attention from within you.  Pay attention to your dreams, they will give you clues to where your focused and what you may have as block to deal with before a breakthrough.  Another good word and action during this time is listening. Mars is usually abrupt, jumping into the fire before really hearing the details and then jumps out again when it actually reads the fine print.  In the sign of Aquarius the emphasis is on free will and edgy non-conforming individuality.  Retrograde of this may require individuals to examine how they project their individuality in the world and how does it work when pushing on a collective group goal.  Does it incite more resistance to intention? Mars retrograde may offer you a few weeks to really read the fine print, or really listen to what someone was asking of you and you may hear a new point of view.  It may even change your mind on something you were sure that was impenetrable from your perspective.  Athletes with prominent Mars placements in their charts are often more susceptible to injuries during Mars retrograde, and with the Lunar South Node it will also show in exhaustion more that then norm.  Mars in Aquarius is likely to stimulate mental energies with an internal focus may come in heightened mental fatigue.

Considering we have a full moon in Capricorn at 9:53 pm PDT on June 27th (Wednesday night on the west coast) at 6 degrees 28 minutes with Saturn conjunct the full moon we have energy of perfection and seriousness.  We may feel disconnected from our feeling nature and that can lead to melancholy and even depression if unchecked.  Schedule self-care on your calendar, not because you deserve it but because you will need it to rejuvenate yourself and when you give to your own energy you will be able to take on more in moments of unexpected changes and technical snafus.  The Sun is in Cancer illuminating the full moon, so the vitality and energy source comes from the place of nurturing and important to remember when you take care of you, you can take care of those who depend on you and that’s the Capricorn and Saturn conjunct this full moon.  The Sabian symbol for the moon at this full moon in Cancer is “a veiled prophet of power.”  This symbol could be the hiding away of knowledge, wisdom or even love that a prophet may hold for us.  The symbol is mysterious, unknown and sometimes in that space of unfamiliarity we feel fear and our psychic energies go on high alert. Another version shared by Lynda Hill of this symbol is “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a God”, this version is a little more concerning as it speaks to what we know as the “messiah complex” and even may reveal schizophrenia. We may receive messages from a deep source; a person of authority is within this symbol. Ultimately this is a very powerful degree in a cardinal sign.  Mediums or channels may find this an opportune time to bring in enlightened new information on where we are collectively in this moment.  We are bound to see more propaganda, so discernment would be prudent through this cycle and beyond.

Venus in Leo is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces at this full moon moment too.  There’s tension around the need to be seen and special and disillusionment.  So while surfing your social circles keep that in the back of your mind to ease through the room and avoid the drama that may show up to disturb your peace.  This full moon leads us into the new moon on July 12th.  Before we reach that new cycle, which is a partial eclipse in Cancer at 20 degrees 41 minutes shaking things up even more opposite Pluto in Capricorn.  Women and families will continue to be huge themes in the partial solar eclipse and it will carry intensified shadow material for us to work out collectively.   Didn’t I say it was going to be an interesting summer?  Mercury at the full moon is transiting the end degrees of Cancer before moving into Leo on the 29th of June.  Seriously, take care of your energy with kind words of affirmations, good habits and good eating you will need it this summer for there is high potential to become drained on your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being!   If you are seeking to understand your own birth chart and how your life is reflected in the current moment, please contact me for a reading. I share this with loving intent for souls interested to know the planetary alignments and what to consider navigating the days and weeks in tension filled alignments.  When you know to let it be or being focused in your purposeful actions you will meet with greater success that which you endeavor to create in life

Namaste, blessings to all.