Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Cancer – January 1, 2018 (6:24 pm PST) – Love Yourself to be Authentic and Centered

Our New Year in 2018 begins the year with full moon in Cancer at 11 degrees 37 minutes on New Year’s Day at 6:24:01 pm Pacific Standard Time.  A full moon is the fruit from the seed of the New Moon in Sagittarius December 17th.  Self security, self-care, nurturing and the archetype of mother and family are highly visible in this moment and even felt in the depths of our being right down into our DNA.  Perhaps with a new depth and breadth to emotional connection is felt, as well as setting boundaries with family members and friends with this full moon for the sanity of staying true to our center.  Mars applying to Jupiter in Scorpio at 14 degrees 51 and Jupiter at 17 degrees 07 minutes we’ll find that emotions may flow from a release of energy either in passionate sexual expression, a heated debate on taboo subjects are unconsciously within a disagreement, frustration with those we are intimately connected to at this time.  Life isn’t always an easy flow, sometimes our passions are lit up and engaged and we either are finding energy within that passionate expression through our love, through our artistic endeavors or desire to understand something with greater depth and meaning than we have before, are all ways that Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio may flow with this full moon in cancer.  We may feel secure and able to express ourselves in a safe haven with loved ones.  There’s also the other side in our universe of duality that is also out there and experienced by many of us, the unconscious expression that seems to drain our energy as we feel deeply and emotions that have been unexpressed bubble up to the surface unexpectedly in our lives.  Sometimes these volatile emotions that burst forward and projected and land in places we wish we could take back after they’ve burst into expression.

We may find at the full moon in Cancer a perfect time to share re-assess our self security for our freedom to express our true selves and identity in the world.  Are you able to share your feelings with key people in your life?  Are you able to allow your emotions to flow and absolutely feel them completely?  If not lately, are you needing to nurture yourself with good support?  From the Capricorn Sun, illuminating the moon in Cancer it is recognizing as an adult as your mature self that your self security, and taking care of your centeredness is an ongoing process.  Knowing your needs and having your needs met in your relationships is a mature understanding, knowing yourself well and engaging clearly is part of maturity and wisdom of self.  It includes knowing where you are vulnerable and establishing solid and clear boundaries for yourself.  If you have read or listened to Brené Brown she’s discussed this often and one of my favorite quotes from her is,


“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” 


I’ve listened to several videos from interviews with Brené Brown and her Ted Talks.  Personally, I plan this year to read more of her books that are on my wish list, along with a few hefty astrology projects I’ve committed to as well.


While in the midst of considering goals for the New Year in 2018, probably a worthy use of time with Saturn in Capricorn now, tackling a long-term goal, consider the importance of your self security, your self awareness  and ponder where you are with your center, your vulnerability and what your needs are as a human being.  How are you doing with nurturing yourself so you are free to express yourself and live towards your fullest potential?  Is anything relative to self-care and self-nurturing a part of your daily, weekly or monthly vision for your new year?  Friends and family relationships that are important to you may be part of your vision for a happy and meaningful year.  Where are they in your priorities you’ve envisioned?  All of these potentials are ripe right now for your review, present living and re-envisioning as we step into the new year.

The Sun at the time of this full moon in Cancer is flanked with Venus at 9 degrees 54 minutes Capricorn and Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn 48 minutes.  Venus is moving further under the beams of the Sun and eventually will show up as an evening star as she moves about 10-12 degrees away from the Sun on the other side, which will land her just beyond Pluto as she reappears to us as an evening star in late February of 2018.  Venus in Capricorn speaks to a more self-controlled expression of our love or even our loving feelings.  When Venus is applying to and then separating from Pluto in Capricorn there can be an intensity of controlled social settings, but also a potential for a relationship to go through metamorphic expression that on the back side of a conversation may leave us looking at our connection from a new set of glasses.  Until Venus reaches Aquarius the amorous, social and romantic part of us is contained with a tone of seriousness or focused on matters that require our maturity and understanding in the energy of the moment.  As we so often heard and nod to the wisdom, “go with the flow all in divine timing.”  Mars and Jupiter are more prominent in the moment and we may find it fruitful to “clear the air a bit” with others in our lives.  If done well and with emotional intelligence we can prepare the way for Venus playing a more prominent role in our loving exchanges in the next month or so, she is a part of this full moon in Cancer in that she is opposite the moon and part of the solar light in full moon reflection.


A feminine full moon in Cancer has the potential to soften our edges, if we let it.  The Sabian Symbol for this full moon at 12 Cancer is  – A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.  Interesting to consider the 14th H.H. Dalai Lama has his natal Sun at 12 degrees 55 minutes Cancer and his Rising Sign also Cancer at 9 degrees 53 minutes, consider his light and presence to the world he embodies (Ascendant + Sun) at this time of dynamic change.  When you share the light within you it also brings out the light in others and we enable an environment of nurturing each other, and thus the deeper wisdom breathes knowing we truly are not separate in life.  May your year be filled with spaces you give yourself this year to nurture the centeredness of your being, so when your cup is full you flow into the place where your “cup-runneth-over” and this becomes your gift of love to those you embrace within your experiences wherever they lead you.  Namaste.