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Full Moon in Aries – September 24, 2018 – Social Justice and Wounds of the Past

Today, September 24, 2018 we will have a full moon in Aries at 7:52 pm PDT.  This full moon comes with a potent T-square between Saturn in Capricorn at 2 degrees 49 minutes and the moon at 1 degrees 59 minutes Aries, Chiron conjunct at 0 degrees 2 minutes retrograde and Sun in Libra at 1 degrees 59 minutes and Mercury at 5 degrees 18 minutes Libra.  Mars in Aquarius at 3 degrees is trine to the Sun and Mercury in Libra, there is an opening for bringing up something from the past especially with a friend, remember Mars is still connected closely with the south node of the moon at 4 degrees 21 minutes retrograde (and north node opposite in Leo) so it can be quite sensitive.  The rising sign for Richland, WA and most the west coast is 3 degrees 17 minutes of Taurus with Uranus in Taurus sitting on the Ascendant of the chart of the full moon at 1 degrees 40 minutes retrograde creating a high energy combination for early fixed signs at this full moon lunation.  Uranus in Taurus is trine Saturn in Capricorn so there’s a positive connection in the grounded earth signs.  Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio are opposite Taurus both bring us all insights into our sexual reality the good, the bad and the ugly.  Venus at 8 degrees 47 minutes getting near the point where she will station for her retrograde cycle. Jupiter is at 21 degrees and zero minutes Scorpio continuing the deep dive to bring to the surface all that we need to see and deal with at this moment.  Neptune at 14 degrees 36 minutes retrograde in Pisces is trine to the midpoint of Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio.

Within this full moon there are several points of high tension and unexpected potentials with Uranus right on the Ascendant.  A full moon in Aries will have a fiery tone through the end of the cycle, but Saturn at a T-square to the full moon and the sun in cardinal signs is like karma signal that says, “the buck stops here.”  So, while the emotional body, your instinctual side will want to rage or speed through something to dominate the moment and win, Saturn will have a cold hand that pretty much feels like Grandmother came to your pity-party to remind you to get back to work and that “idle hands are the work of the devil”.  I jest, but you get the idea.  There will be many who will find this full moon unsettling and downright frustrating in plans moving in the direction desired.  The conversations will be social, and some will have flare ups of disagreements.  Some in the conversations will be speaking from their wounds that are being triggered by what is being discussed, but they are not fully revealing their suffering, however there is just a tone of anger or rage that is there, and most will not realize there’s something that still lives in memory that is being poked at this time.

The collective mood is a bit hostile and there won’t feel like there’s a safe space for many in emotional turmoil until the new moon, but even then, we have Venus heading to retrograde Oct 5th.  It is a path that for now requires an ample amount of self-care to keep your own self in order to manage the emotional waves that are bound to hit the beach of your external world.   This lunation reminds me that our own mental health is part of our self-care, what we read, what we listen to and what we allow in to stir up our emotional well-being.  The news we are all hearing right now is full of violent incidents, we’re painfully aware of the suffering of others and there’s a feeling that justice is not always served for many who suffer.  However, there are stories right now, today that show how when people are brave (Mars) and come forward to speak of their moment that changed their lives forever and reliving the painful memories (south node of the moon) that we can see justice (Libra Sun) and someone does have to own and acknowledge their choices (Capricorn/Saturn).  Justice can take an excruciating amount of actual time to happen.  Sometimes we (people) have to go into the place of our deepest fear (Scorpio) to bring it up and to face it.  It is part of the process of healing at a deeper level.  Sometimes forgiveness (Pisces) follows in that process when there is a proper path for grief.

Not everyone experiences deep trauma, but many do, and this is a unique time for healing deep wounds.  Chiron is conjunct this full moon in the sign of Aries.  With Chiron in this degree, it is like the wound around being able to be confrontational.  Those who have Chiron in Aries when they are/were born, know this deeply and life would have had many experiences about standing up for oneself and having to deal with something head-on.  If not, then there would certainly be another opportunity presented in life to step up to the plate again and engage in confrontation.  It’s like the spiritual Mars muscle that some souls need for their evolutionary growth.  With this combination in the T-square of Saturn in Capricorn to the full moon and Chiron in Aries and the Sun and Mercury in Libra there is a striking potential to have someone wounded again from such a dramatic kind of confrontation with authority.   The news of Dr. Ford and the Supreme Court Justice nominee Kavanaugh is one story to consider on this theme.  The other would be that actor, Bill Cosby facing sentencing today for his crimes he’s been found guilty of recently.  There are other stories, but these two show the archetypes of this full moon in Aries in a most dramatic display.

This combination is ripe for accidents of all sorts, so my caution is to be mindful and move slow and deliberate.  The probability for accidents happens when we are rushed and feeling the tension of expectations to be in our world on time (Saturn) and with an amiable persona (Libra) and competitiveness to win at business or life in some capacity (Aries). Another perception is life is also how you shape it with your own way of being.  As you go about your day and week, remember the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching that says, “Clarity and stillness create order under Heaven.”   Have you noticed how some people are poised and calm in the wake of chaos?  That comes from an inner peace they give themselves.  Love yourself and give the same to yourself each day.  Big love to all souls today and until the new moon cycle.  Namaste. Bless this moment.


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