Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Aries October 13, 2019: A Time of Molting, The New Is Emerging

Full moon in Aries October 13, 2019, at 2:07 PM PDT.

Pluto in Capricorn at 20 degrees 39 minutes creates a strong T-square with this full moon in Aries at 20 degrees 13 minutes and the Sun in Libra opposite.  What a challenge of power as the disruptor at this full moon!  Mars in Libra at 6 degrees 15 minutes is too wide for a conjunction with the Sun yet still visible is square to the nodal axis in Capricorn and Cancer.  There is an intensification of energy with these aspects.  Structures will show their weaknesses and accidents are strong with these aspects.  Saturn ruling Capricorn with the south node within 2 degrees, though separating is still incredibly strong with Mars applying to them both. Mars also is the ruler with Pluto (modern) of Scorpio where Venus is at 6 degrees and Mercury at 13 degrees now moving through the shadow degrees prior to the coming Mercury retrograde cycle.  Uranus at 5 degrees 11 still retrograde brings a disturbing force of nature from Taurus opposing the ruler of Taurus Venus transiting Scorpio. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception, so there is some benefit of the roles they play and how they can negotiate to some understanding with each other.  The tension is high for all the inner planets.  Money markets and food and its distribution are under serious tension.  Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius is offering a boost to this full Moon by a trine aspect so there is some support that comes from optimism for something to work out, or that faith matters at the moment.  Neptune at 16 degrees 27 minutes Pisces is separating from a square with Jupiter so that it can soften the exuberance that may reveal itself in the midst of chaos.  It may be that we see profound courage in action because someone is living their truth and principles in such a bold way we cannot help but be inspired by their truth. Life has numerous ways we may see the fire of Aries and Sagittarius with this full moon.  Perhaps it is an unconscious desire for freedom that is triggered in relationships and actions lead to separations that were not well thought out before it is done.  Perhaps really fierce conversations are had that open our vulnerable hearts up and we feel exposed, but we need to be true to our center.  We find the courage to speak authentically on what that means for us in navigating our lives with our compass pointed to our true north.  This revealing and vulnerability may not go in all the ways we hope, and yet there is a reason we need to have the courage to act and speak our truth. Venus in opposition from Scorpio to Uranus in Taurus seems to show this potential as well.  Venus in Scorpio with Uranus in Taurus may open for some who may experience a breakdown related to differences related to their values, shared money or what they are willing or not willing to share in a relationship.  The signs of these fierce conversations may have been there for some time, but now there may be a desire to separate, Uranus symbolizes the need for liberation or independence.

Mercury moving through Scorpio is the truth we uncover as it will allow us to ask bold questions. Wherever Scorpio is in your chart Mercury the messenger in transit has the task of keeping the conversations going, which is an invitation into the peeling away layers that need to be shed.  Life is moving but in the process we have to take some time to deal with the outer layer that needs to be shed for growth.  Mercury begins the retrograde on October 31st at 27 degrees Scorpio, but we will not have a true picture of what the emotional and behavioral growth is until Mercury finishes the retrograde cycle.  By November 20th we will have moved through multiple layers when Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees 35 minutes.  Those with planets and angles between 10-28 degrees Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will come to understand their emotional or financial entanglements as well as our needs with more clarity.  Mercury on the days of the station is the most potent, so keep those days noted on your calendar to give yourself room to be in solitude to shed whatever you need.  If your chart has an abundance of water you will need the privacy to prepare the parts of you that are exposed until you are firmly in your new skin and comfortable with the new you that is revealed in the process.

This year is truly the building towards a unique planetary transit that is rare and significant for everyone, the coming Saturn and Pluto conjunction January 12, 2020.  This full moon in Aries with the Sun,  Moon, and Pluto at 20 degrees gives us some insight into themes of that conjunction.  What is happening right now on the world stage, especially related to power, their volatility and even someone showing up with revealing insights relative to the powerful leaders in our society and how that may reveal something to us all.  The revealing is there with the full moon and the Sun.  The sun in Libra brings the potential for social justice and the focus of balance and harmony.  Aries moon is full of courage but faced with the greatest of obstacles that come with the power and authority of Capricorn with Pluto, but Pluto is the actual transformation, though it is taking a long time, again that is the nature of Capricorn too.  Saturn is the karma or cause and effect is truly ripening, but this full moon gives us a view of what it is.  We have the archetypes both from a collective (macro) perspective and a personal (micro).  Where is the coalescing of power being transformed in your life?  Look to the house where you have Capricorn.  Consider this, how long has this area of your life been in transformation?  Really since 2008?  When Pluto made the ingress into Capricorn? Or has it been since December 2017 when Saturn entered, and changes really started to take shape?  Maybe both, the deepest of transformation takes time.  Much must be pruned as the old paradigm is fading out with the transformation.  What is new will begin to take shape with Saturn in Capricorn, but also when Saturn transits through the sign of Aquarius starting next year.  In the meantime, we are in the balsamic phase of Saturn-Pluto.  From the perspective of astrology so much happens in the balsamic phase as the cycle between these two heavyweights moves towards the conjunction! We are in the final months of a decade.  Consider the significance of the past decade in your life, how far you reached towards your dreams, what has changed for you and who you are now and what new paths are you navigating that you never thought you would be on, but here you are.  Aries full moon is suitable for acknowledging your bravery, your courage and the use of your free will to better your life and those you love.  It is a perfect moment to consider, where do I want to go from here?  And then point your compass in that direction and take a leap of faith to embark on your next decade with a robust drive of your will to create the life you desire. Bless this moment. Namaste.