Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020: The Future is Planted from the Seeds of Today

Monday, August 3rd, 2020, we have a full moon in Aquarius at 11 degrees 45 minutes with the Sun beaming from Leo the sign it rules.  An Aquarius moon will carry themes of individualism and collective consciousness, breaking free from the status quo, and even potential technical or scientific breakthroughs.  Right now, as I write this newsletter there have been some significant events that reflect the symbolism of this full moon, one of them is the huge social push against the restrictions for quarantines, wearing masks, social distances related to the coronavirus around the world.  Many of you have likely read about or watched the huge gathering of people in Berlin marching against masks just yesterday (Saturday, August 1st).  We also have had this past week news of the added crunch of loss of employment benefits, looming evictions that may happen because of this, especially in the United States, and the continued volatility in resources.  This is also revealed in symbolism as Uranus in Taurus squares this full moon.  Digging further there has been a loss of over 30% to the GDP in the United States, which will in time show up in other areas of the economics of our local communities in bigger ways.


This full moon is revealing the issues of being constrained for four months, longer in other places, and that illuminates through this full moon.  All things considered, we are not even at a half-way point for what will be needed to ride this period of time through to a healthy conclusion. This full moon shows the significant challenges related to online home education looming concerns as Mercury (youth) in Cancer (home) opposes Saturn in Capricorn at 27 degrees. This past week it was revealed that a June overnight camp in Georgia for children has reported 260 cases of the virus, this news making it clear to us all at this full moon that there is still an issue of bringing children into closed environments such as physical schools. The full moon illuminates things to us that we can take heed for our lives in meaningful ways, make corrections as needed to live better, especially in times of crisis as we are all collectively experiencing. One theme that will continue as it is quite prominent in this full moon is the volatility of resources and our financial markets, as Uranus in Taurus is square this full moon.  One benefit in this full moon is Venus in Gemini conjunct the North Node.  We may find help and support in our local communities (Gemini), but Mercury is still facing off in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, it will not be easy to get what is needed in the time that it is demanded.  Jupiter is also square Mars, creating a situation where short fuses can fire off because of the demanding restrictions. There is also an embedded bit of danger and risk for any long-distance travel, higher education, or legal themes with Jupiter square Mars as well.  Decisions for higher education will have that risk embedded at this time.

Full moons are the moments where we reap the reward of our work in earlier cycles.  If you have been strict with your time in public, working from home, creatively working in your garden, perhaps learning new skills for the changing paradigm of present working life,  or artistic endeavors where you have given your focus you may find that effort rewards you now.  What is the new bounty it gives you either with actual fruit (and veggies), or art that feeds your soul, or new skills that open up new doors of opportunities? Our actions are always karmic, that is the cause and effect of things, as my teacher always said, karma is like the habit that you are operating in your life that is likely repeated.  Have you been creating new habits?  Has life as it is now in the past four to five months revealed where you want to create new habits?  This full moon can be the time of revelation of where you want to create a breakthrough for yourself.

Aquarius full moon is tied to our collective, right now we can see so much from the polarities that exist in our collective experience.  Are you becoming more aware of areas of your life that are deeply connected to a group situation than you realized before?  Perhaps from your life experiences connected into your community, where your children or grandchildren go to school, where your money supports local businesses and entertainment you have enjoyed that has been halted until we know when it is safe to reengage with these activities we enjoy. This full moon has unique planetary symbolism and reminders for us in the archetypal energies what and where we are growing as a collective group of humans. Aquarius in its highest expression is how the collective works together as a whole, the individuals clearly understand how they are connected to some whole and their importance in individual participation with the whole.  The more everyone understands their connection that is tied to the whole the better we as individuals can organize to support the entire whole.

We are in the baby stages of this collective organization.  As a collective, especially the United States, if you think about it with non-judgmental eyes of observation we have lived (at least in my lifetime) thinking and perceiving our individual independence is not tied to someone else. Well, we are learning the truth of that matter now.  This period of time is the overlap of a phase that is ending and a new phase that really kicks things into a new paradigm that begins the end of this year, as I have written about a few times, the coming Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius conjunction that sets in motion a new 200 years cycle December 21, 2020.  We cannot even imagine what that will be in this phase, most 99.999% of astrologers did not predict the pandemic exactly only that they knew by the archetypal combinations that it would be deeply authoritative, deeply affecting everyone, with the changing paradigm of resources and supply lines, and money, the archetypes were very similar to other periods in history where we have been at war in the world, which in some ways we have a “front-line”, it is just in a rare context. What is clear is that we are headed into a new paradigm, though with Jupiter and Saturn conjoining in Aquarius starting this new paradigm it is in a fixed sign so it will not happen swiftly at first, but the changes will over 2021 be remarkable as there will be big changes and many new things take shape.  Aquarius is fixed sign and its highest expression is group consciousness, but there will be as with any sign the shadow, which is the potential for too much surveillance and the shadow side of technology.  We will see more of that when Pluto enters Aquarius, but it still has a few years to go in Capricorn, so that is coming in another five years.

What I want to convey here is that there will not be a world of going back to what we were nor how we were.  That is now in the history books, and for that matter, it is still being written.  What is emerging is undefined yet, we will be defining the new as we go, as more people become aware of our lives the truth that we are groups of collectives and the group of collectives are connected.  Consider how this virus went over boundaries with ease, that gives you some idea of the fuzzy on the borders of places on the map, though right now we are still in the old paradigm and that has firm authority stamped all over it.  There are times ahead of us that will ease the lines drawn in the sand by mankind, so to speak on national identities and more, but that’s in the future though it begins in the consciousness now that we all are living through this pandemic moment, just dropping that in here for later reference.

For now, my sharing is to invite you to look with keen eyes of observation.  What is being fought for right now?  Individual freedom, fairness, ethical living, justice are a few but the list is long. What is the obstacle to each?  Fact-based information, a fair and just system, education on the matters of collective health and well-being until we can move beyond this pandemic, and most likely that happens through a collective effort that can be beneficial to us all.  These are the veins of lifeblood for the future we are creating, so it is up to us to give them shape and help decide the framework.  Our voice, our focused time, and energy in our communities are where we will create that together. For this full moon newsletter and the symbolism available through this present moment, I am reminded what is most important for my attention as an individual, what I can share into my community through town hall meetings, letters to my government representatives, school district meetings, where I spend my money, how I interact in public, how I manage my resources, how I support others in my home town, and where to plant the seeds for a future I envision where my community thrives, but also global collectives aligned with my vision for a future I want to see and live.

My individual actions and presence with intention create my community that takes shape which enriches my life, this is where my future and my neighbors’ future, and my extended family’s future and my tribe’s future all flow into one.

What seems like one small little seed planted now with loving intention is connected through multiple threads, a network of roots to the world as we will know it.  Plant the seeds you individually desire, add to your grand vision one seed at a time, with an awareness of how it grows, and you catch a glimpse of the Aquarian age in its infancy. Our future will be the garden that blooms from all those intentions, plant them with love.  Namaste. Bless this moment.