Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Aquarius – August 15, 2019: Ingenious Creators

The full moon in Aquarius is at 5:29 am PDT on August 15, 2019.   This full moon with the powerful Leo Sun and the moon fully illuminated in Aquarius at 22 degrees 24 minutes is providing us with a boost of individuality and to consider what we do together to help our lives.  As we look around what do we hope for ourselves and our community.  Aquarian consciousness on the light of the moon is helpful for an objective understanding but also will spark ideas that we collectively can participate in or create to bring something new to our world that really is supportive of higher consciousness.  This polarity of Leo and Aquarius is in focus, our hearts and childlike natures with our mind and human kindness in what we do.   An Aquarius full moon carries themes of objectivity and the focus towards group consciousness.  Have you ever wondered what your unique vision of the future offers life and humanity?  A good question for reflection during an Aquarian full moon.

Right now, especially in the United States, we are faced with big problems to solve, with climate change, equality of humans, how national identity influences our lives and even how those in power either promote our overall well-being or actual work against it.  Both Aquarians and Leos are often those in leadership and provide solutions with their creative ideas to solve such big problems.  What makes a leader with high integrity (Leo)?  How does creativity (Leo) help us solve big collective problems with new solutions (Aquarius)?  Consider how the archetypes balance between the Leo and Aquarius polarity and why it takes the entire spectrum of their polarity to bring the collective to higher overall consciousness.  What happens when either side of the polarity is distorted or enacted in unhealthy expressions?  What happens to the individual and to the group when the shadow is dominant in expression?  These are potent questions to ponder with Leo and Aquarius.

I cannot help but think of Robert A. Johnson’s book on inner gold for themes of the heart and mind and how we interact with others as individuals and within a group.  How do we play together?  Do we give our own individuality the strength of voice? How much does it matter what others think of us?  How often do we project onto others what we have not yet owned in ourselves?  Do we worship heroes and let them hold our precious inner gold? When do we reclaim it and withdraw projections?  Leo energy can seek approval, where Aquarius seeks to be individuated and allows for others freedom of authentic expression.  If you haven’t yet read this 75-page little book it is a wonderful short book on how we handle our own inner gold.  Here’s a short excerpt from his book that is worthy of pondering at this full moon.

When we see that we have given our spiritual gold to someone to hold for us, there are several ways we might respond. We could go to him or her and say, “The meaning of my life has suddenly appeared in the glow in your eyes. May I tell you about it?” This is another way of saying, “I have given you my inner gold. Will you carry it for me for a while?” But we rarely say and do things that directly.  Instead, we stand across the room, turn our back on him, and feel totally frightened, stumbling and carrying on in odd ways.  We meet at the coffee pot during the morning break at work and banter with each other, speaking all kinds of nonsense.  We joke and laugh, and an animated play goes on. Then, we head back to work, we feel energized and brightened for the day.  It was not the coffee.  It was the exchange of inner, alchemical gold[i]

As we reclaim our inner gold from those whom we’ve have asked to carry it for us we step into the power that we can bring to the realities of our dynamic world.  In almost every area of life, we have the opportunity to join a group that is working towards a future vision that upholds higher ideals for the whole of society. This participation really is asking us to operate from an open heart and to be creative (Leo) but not for our own sake, but for all of us (Aquarius).  This Aquarian Moon is an opening to friendly exchanges coupled with supporting big ideas.  What do you envision for the future?  Have you shared your voice with ideas or your participation in this vision in a real way in your community?  How courageous are you to show up for something that is extraordinary and pushes a new idea into the current societal structure?  How extreme is that idea (Aquarian)? How does it shake up old paradigms?  Where do you see these themes in the current events?

This Moon in Aquarius may have some unpredictability with Uranus (modern ruler) square from Taurus by sign.  Jupiter at 14 degrees Sagittarius is sextile by sign so it can boost our desire for seeking a higher understanding through higher learning.  Keep in mind not all higher learning though comes through traditional channels.  Mercury is in early Leo around 3 degrees which is in a square to Uranus recently retrograde at 6 degrees, so innovative ideas and problem-solving are apt to drop into inquiring minds.  Mercury is in an applying trine with Chiron in Aries which will give voice to places in need of healing.  Chiron in Aries is about the right to exist.  The wound in masculine consciousness that to heal requires standing up and speaking up for Self. Mercury in Leo speaks dramatically and playfully to open the heart space, allowing the inner child the place to creatively tell the story that needs to be shared (often taking great courage to do so). The Chiron in Aries breathes new life, new experience into masculine consciousness of empowerment by action. Because Chiron in Aries is at the most primal it carries the deepest fear of survival embedded within the signature.  Freedom to express our individual authentic self with others is the healing path.

Full moons tend to illuminate the questions you have been asking.  Venus was conjunct the Sun in Leo just yesterday and is only 21 minutes arc beyond the sun at the time of this full moon.  She is combust the sun and separating at full lunation and still beneath the powerful beams of the sun though within a week she glides into the sign of Virgo.  Mars is at 28 degrees Leo and enters Virgo on August 18th (Sunday). Venus will meet up with him by the 25th.  When these two meet in Virgo there is a heavier dose of criticism and experiences with attending to how inner worthiness on a variety of themes.  Though Venus and Mars in Virgo can bring acute attention to something you are creating, just keep perfectionist tendencies in check. Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces in retrograde through end of November is blurry boundaries with Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Those who are known for putting their foot in their mouth in public exchanges are likely to repeat such transgressions.  Pluto retrograde at 21 degrees, Saturn retrograde at 14+ degrees in Capricorn along with the south node of the moon continue to keep us in check with consequences of our actions and what is in process of the biggest paradigm shift collectively.

Singer, songwriter Ed Sheeran has the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius.  One of his famous quotes is, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.  If the golden key is music for Ed Sheeran, what is it for you that delights your soul, lights up your imagination and frees your mind?  May you come to know what IT IS for you that brings you such a blessed rich meaning in your life.  Namaste. Bless this moment.



[i] Johnson, R. (2008). Inner gold. Asheville, North Carolina: Chiron Publications, p.6.