Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Cardinal Grand Cross with Full Moon in Cancer January 12, 2017

moon-full-over-waterThe moon is full on January 12, 2017 at 3:35 am Pacific Time, in the sign of Cancer 22 degrees 27 minutes.  This full moon is a game changer for us all as it sets up a Grand Cross in cardinal signs, Sun (Capricorn), Moon (Cancer) and Jupiter (Libra) and Uranus (Aries) are also in opposition.  It also still brings in heavy hitter Pluto in Capricorn near the sign but still within an orb distance to make an impact.  Take a moment, emotions will be coming up for you or someone near you and it will likely set off something new to manage or resolve.  Emotions that have been buried will surface with an urgency for us to pay attention. We will need to review what we’ve been thinking, doing and how we’ve pushed our emotions down or to the “back burner” to be the responsible, duty focused adult.  If you have children this will bubble up too, unfiltered and may show up in an meltdown.  Most often meltdowns are a cry for nurturing, where an essential need has been unfulfilled and now it is front and center.

We all have feelings and it is our ongoing evolution to allow for our vulnerable selves to really FEEL and allow emotions as part of our being human.  Emotions help us clear the passages and places we’ve been blocked.  A movement of our watery selves to refresh our souls and our connection to our wholeness.  When we have a Cardinal Grand Cross we are dealing with an initiation, it’s symbolism is about getting things started or if we’ve been stuck for some time it’s about significant change that gets us moving again.  Often times the change is unexpected and not necessarily anything we had on our wish list.  With Jupiter in Libra there’s a focus on our relationships and at the same time our independent self with Uranus in Aries, both crossing Sun in Capricorn (discipline, duty and limitation) and Cancer (nurturing, feelings, home, security) so the cross of life as it is often called is lit up during this full moon.  If there’s a burst of expression from your independent self in a relationship on your personal and essential needs in the moment that upsets your or your relating spouse, partner or friend it will be time to set new boundaries (Capricorn) and express any suppressed feelings and emotions (Cancer) to clear the air and reset to go forward.  A good time to remember why you are in relationship, but also that sometimes things are left unsaid or unresolved and come bursting out in the worst of moments.  Be gentle, start with forgiveness, it softens the heart and opens others hearts as well. Be kind, we all are human and remember we didn’t get an operating manual on being human to operate this life when we started, we learn, we forget, we fall down and we get back up and start again. Eventually if we’ve repeated a pattern often enough we remember and try something brand spanking new!!  Yeah for evolution!

Mercury, symbolizing our mental perceptions and thoughts has been traversing forward through the degrees of his retrograde motion and will ingress into Capricorn again on Thursday around 6:04 am PT.  We’ll have Mercury then in a cardinal sign too, though still bringing us messages from where he stationed on the Galactic Center.  Both Venus and Mars are in Pisces with Neptune which has been close to the south node of the moon where we can feel drained or feel an urge to escape.  Solitude is a positive experience for re-centering ourselves. It has a spiritual tone, a softening of the edges, where we let go and allow.  When we listen with new ears we have insight into the place of ease and peace that is within us, and when we are centered there our external world reflects the serenity.  The universe will amaze us when we allow the grace by taking time to simply be in the moment with no resistance.  I share these thoughts on our coming full moon with love and the intention to remind any who read it that simplest of actions is stillness and we can go there often in times of emotional change. If this resonates with you, please share.  Namaste.