Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Aries New Moon – 7:57 PM PDT – Celebrating the Increasing Warmth of the Sun!

fireAries New Moon tonight at 7:57 pm PDT, the beginning of a new astrological year.  The first new moon of the season at 7 degrees Aries 37 minutes, this new moon is a kicker with ample energy of fire in the mix. Mercury at 25 degrees 35 minutes is just past a conjunction with Uranus in Aries at 23 degrees 29 minutes, still potent for a trigger of forceful energetic breakthroughs, breakdowns or accidents.  Stay conscious!  Jupiter retrograde in Libra at 19 degrees 37 minutes is opposite stirring up the tension, but more exact is Jupiter square Pluto in Capricorn at 19 degrees 15′ minutes.  This exact square of Jupiter and Pluto is all about social justice and the transformation of the systems we’ve known for many years.  This square will be quite visible related to relations between social activism and old paradigms and a visible breaking down of some sort.

With the New Moon in Aries this stimulates us for new growth and fires us up for action.  We are taking bold stands and there are ample channels to manifest being courageous, standing up for human rights, taking action to support the whole, bravely so your voice is heard.  It’s also a mix for relationships to go through dramatic changes too. While Venus is still in her retrograde in Aries at 3 degrees 16 minutes she is within orb of this new moon and will be a major contributor to our collective and personal experiences over the next lunar month.  Our Venus symbolizes not only our love, romance, social grace and appreciation for the beauty of life, but she also represents a higher perspective of our soul evolution.  Eric Meyers’ book, The Astrology of Awakening Volume 1: Eclipse of the Ego” he writes, “Venus gives us reflection, the encouragement to move beyond egoic identification and learn to spot the self externally….just like a mirror.” “The conceptual side of an awakened Venus may bring a more mindful and conscious form of civility and interdependence into our customs and laws.  How can we live together in greater harmony?”  He writes, “The ego looks at others and thinks, ‘What can you do for me?’ In contrast, the soul learns of itself THROUGH others.  Just as Venus reflects the Earth as its sister or twin planet, other people teach us who we are by being ‘sacred mirrors’.  How are the people who you have in your closest circle, your spouse, friends and family, reflecting back to you your worthiness of love? And how are you being love with them?  Every new moon offers us the opportunity to refresh and re-state our intentions.  Venus will re-enter Pisces on April 2nd in her retrograde and will reach 27 degrees Pisces to square Saturn in Sagittarius before she stations direct again on April 15th.   Venus in Pisces is exalted in traditional astrology, though the focus in her retrograde is on our inner Venus and understanding our own love that is always with us for our rediscovery.

Fire energy is the element most prominent now and we can use it for our growth and evolution.  We can choose to energize our bodies so we bring a spark of light to our life, we can engage our daily activities with vibrant joy and share this zest with others throughout our day.  Have you ever noticed when you smile often how many faces you light up along the way?  We are co-creating with everyone else, our fire mixes with their fire.  Remember, some folks’ fire needs a little oxygen.   Share your breath and breathe a little on their fire to give it strength.  When we remember who we are at the heart, our center fire (heart chakra), we find the higher meaning in our lives that feed our soul.  Mars, ruler of Aries, presently in Taurus in an exact sextile (60 degrees) to Neptune in Pisces, fire like Earth and an ocean of dreamy inspiration!  What can  you do with that blend?  A cosmic cocktail for some fun that gets your artistic juices flowing?  It makes me think of dancing on the beach around a bonfire. Maybe a bit chilly today, but it’s a good image.  Love yourself with bare feet on the ground or hands in the dirt with music.  This next week I will be planting for a rainbow of flowers to come later this season.  Enjoy the present moment!  The sun is warming the earth (here in the northern hemisphere) and everywhere I go I see big smiles in celebration of spring and warmer days.  Namaste!