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A Regency Period Tailor in the 21st Century


image credit: Zack MacLeod Pinsent Instagram


This morning while viewing a few posts on Facebook I came across a video of a young man, Zack MacLeod Pinsent, from Brighton who is not only a skilled tailor of clothing from the Regency period, he has been wearing clothes he made himself of this period since he was 14 years old.  His style is unique and impeccable, but what I found most interesting was his choice to always wear it because it reflects who he really is. I was instantly drawn to understand him, as he did share in the video interview he was 25 years old and just turned as his birthday was this past week.  I couldn’t help but wonder about the Uranus-Neptune conjunction during the time he was born and where it was reflected in his chart.  I sent him a direct message not thinking I’d hear anything back, but genuinely surprised he replied quickly with his birth time!  I’ve not yet confirmed on his city of birth but waiting to hear back in another reply.

If Zack was born in Brighton, UK his chart shows a Scorpio rising with the conjunction of Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn in the 3rd house, Saturn ruler in Pisces in 4th. (Placidus) In whole sign houses, his Saturn (ruler of the Capricorn) moves to the 5th with Capricorn in the 4th house. I have been so curious about the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn for some time.  It is like the merging of new and old traditions in a practical way but unique too, something out of the norm and Zack’s public persona fits that description.  His Sun and Mercury in early degrees of Cancer and a beautiful Venus in Leo at the top of his chart.  From traditional astrology the year he was 24 years old he was in a first house Annual Profection, with Mars (traditional ruler) as lord of the year.  Now, age 25 he’s in a 2nd house (WSH) Annual Profection with Jupiter as Lord of the year and so much energy with Jupiter opposite Venus (in Gemini) this week and Neptune in Pisces squaring all that in mutable signs.  It shouldn’t be a surprise he may be getting a lot of visibility from this interview around the world.

Zack mentioned in his reply that he was born 11 weeks premature.  When looking at his 1st house of Scorpio and one ruler Mars in 7th in Taurus conjunct the south node and the modern ruler Pluto in the 1st house of death, rebirth and transformation there is definitely more to his story about his first weeks of life based on his rising sign and that configuration of the rulers of his Ascendant. It makes me wonder about the Scorpio Ascendant versus a Libra Ascendant potential.  A Scorpio Ascendant would not care what others really thought, but I cannot help to ponder his nodal story from past lives.  With Saturn in Pisces there is a potential for being isolated in some way, but there may be more to consider without having a longer conversation with him.

If the birth time is relatively accurate, we can see many potentials of past life reflecting through in this life, especially given the early choice and skills brought forward in his adolescence.  In calculating a birth chart accurately, the birth time is very important. The Ascendant, the rising sign of the eastern horizon in the chart changes one degree every 4 minutes of arc.  So gathering accurate birth times really do set the stage for the best information reflected back to us in reading it.  Since Zack’s rising sign is right in the middle of the sign at 14 degrees 10 minutes if born exactly at 5:00 PM BST it is a pretty good chart to consider.  If born 30 minutes earlier the rising sign moves about 6 degrees and lands on 8 degrees 51 minutes – and that would have some significance as that would move his natal Jupiter in Scorpio right next to the Ascendant (Placidus), in whole sign house system it would just be closer to the Ascendant all Scorpio first house.  If born 30 minutes later that day his chart would reflect a later degree Scorpio around 19 degrees 29 minutes, bringing the nodal axis and Pluto closer to the Ascendant.  So it is fair to say that he most likely has the Scorpio rising.  If born around 6:30 pm then the Ascendant would be the next sign of Sagittarius.  It’s always good to view how the time changes near the birth to see the differences.  Zack will have to confirm his exact time from his birth certificate or from his parents’ memory to consider how accurate the rising sign is down to the minute.

Zack’s Midheaven at the top of the chart is Virgo, which for a tailor makes perfect sense.  Perfection in the details with his craft.  His Mercury in Cancer reflects how it feels to do it and is feeling nature reflected in his craft by creating the clothing of the Regency period.  In more than one combination we can see the artistic and imagination of Zack brought to practical use in creating clothing he loves and desires to share with the world.  With Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn there is a push to be different than the status quo, and yet there is practical imagination brought to it and a way that has form and structure – like clothing.  The third house is everyday environment and he prides himself on sustainable materials in his work too.  It is a fascinating way to see the archetypes of the planets of his birth chart expressed in life.  Zack is a shining and dandy example of individuality.  His showing up in life as he is and as he chooses gives others the insight that being yourself is absolutely the best way to live.  Isn’t life more fascinating and richer when individuals are safe to freely express that which comes from their hearts?

image credit: Zack MacLeod Pinsent via Facebook – Pinsent Tailoring 

For more information on Zack’s work please check out @theschoolofhistoricaldress1 or online at www.theschoolofhistoricaldress.org.uk