Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Full Moon in Scorpio, this Wednesday at 2:42 PM PDT – May 10, 2017


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 2:42 PM PDT we have a full moon in Scorpio at 20 degrees and 24 minutes. We are already seeing this today with things of Scorpio archetype in the polarity of Taurus where the sun is bringing “things” to light.  Today’s news of the firing of FBI Director Comey is a Scorpio type of work (undercover, investigative, covert, deep secrets or secret works, and so forth).  We can also attribute the Mercury in Aries being conjunct Uranus in Aries as well for the swiftness and suddenness of this news, but I also think we will hear more news tomorrow as the aspect perfects to exact full.  It’s events like today that I continue to be fascinated and deeply intrigued by astrology and the archetypal symbolism that plays out sometimes surprising ways, and yet it does reflect the truth in the symbols.

Here in the Tri-Cities, WA we have had our own bit of news with a tunnel collapsing that holds containers of hazardous materials.  The time of the alert was 8:26 am this morning (May 9th), with the nodes of the moon changing from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius today, it will be interesting to explore that chart for greater information.  I would also think the Mercury/Uranus in Aries (sudden event manifestation) being in Trine (120 degrees apart) to Saturn in Sagittarius (containment/karma/borders being changed or structures) and with these planets in a trine it may have been a moment where it released the dynamic.  I learned from Bernadette Brady that sometimes trines cannot be looked as always “good” or “beneficial” sometimes they are like an open gate of letting whatever was being held or contained a release point, I thought that makes sense here in this scenario.  Pluto is in Capricorn at 19 degrees 17 minutes in retrograde (which is widely square the Mercury and Uranus at 25 degrees Aries).  With the moon full in Scorpio we are seeing something that has been “hidden” and “beneath the surface” come to light, and also concerns for radiation exposure another Scorpio / Pluto theme.  I’ve not yet spent time looking at the event chart, but I do hope we do not have a more serious issue forming from this event.

This full moon in Scorpio with the Mercury and Uranus in Aries and the changing of the nodes of the moon we have very strong energy dynamics which are not just observed in larger events but also in our personal lives.  Scorpio is about intensity, raw emotion, deeply moving and “transformation at any cost” to it, which you may feel viscerally at this time.  It would be wise to burn some energy in physical activity that is a healthy channel, though being aware the strong potential for subconscious material rising to the surface for your loving TLC.  Of course, it’s also a good time for sensuality and sexuality too for expressing the primal parts of ourselves that also need expression.

Interesting to note in this chart, at least from Tri-Cities, WA (would also be similar in Seattle and Portland) is the Mars in Gemini on the cusp of the 10th house and Midheaven square almost exact to Neptune in Pisces at 13 degrees, a signature that can signify betrayals.  Important to take into consideration that Mars rules Aries where Mercury and Uranus are making a bolt of lightning impact and in a public way (both stories as noted above).  With Mars in Gemini there’s energy concentrated into communications exchanges (betrayals or dishonesty), or data or breach in data or information.  Mars in Gemini will show up also in our every day media, news, TV, social media with a powerful impact with this mix.  We also have to consider Neptune in square to it, indicating leaks or disillusion.  Interesting to note with what we have going on right now in the leading news stories of the day.  The South Node of the moon also in Aquarius is where things will be where we are releasing, again another reinforcing theme with Uranus in Aries (triggered by Mercury in Aries).  Saturn in Saturn and Pluto are also in the 4th house of the Tri-Cities chart another image in symbolism of the dynamics of the tunnel collapse here at Hanford being underground. Jupiter is still in retrograde in Libra beginning the slow down before stationing direct in a month on June 9th.    Prayers to all those working at Hanford and their families at this time and anyone who is releasing something at this time that feels overwhelming and maybe all of a sudden.  Namaste.