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UP the Mountain Saturn in Capricorn Return Part Two- Jaclyn



Jaclyn Saturn Return in Capricorn – PART TWO

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” And I cannot help but think of that quote as I share Jaclyn’s story at this time in her life.

I first spoke with Jaclyn in early 2018 when I had written the details of her childhood as a foundation to her Saturn return with Saturn transiting through the sign of Capricorn.  Early in 2018, Jaclyn held a job that she’d had for about five years.  When I spoke with her in January of 2018 for the Part One of this series, she was planning a month-long sabbatical in September. Then in May 2019, I reconnected with Jaclyn again to learn how the process of her Saturn return was going and what her personal experiences were so I could gain insight into how archetypes were taking shape in her life. During her sabbatical she took a trip to Mexico and connected with farmers there while enjoying the beautiful area.  She decided to return in early 2019 because she liked the area very much and because she found that she could deliver some tools to help others cleaning up a river.  In this article I will explore a key moment for Jaclyn in 2018 and the solar returns for Jaclyn of 2018 and 2019 to see how her experiences during her Saturn return were symbolic of the planets, houses and signs related to her birth chart.

Jaclyn’s natal Saturn is in her 7th house as well as in Uranus, Neptune, and Venus.  The angle of her 7th house is 2 degrees 9 minutes of Capricorn, and opposite of the sign of Cancer in her first house of self-identity and the position of her natal Chiron, the wounded healer.  We would anticipate Jaclyn’s Saturn return experience to be reflected through her experience with others, including older individuals that may be in positions of authority.  Her interaction with others may prove to be restrictive (Saturn) and relate either to her responsibilities and status as well as others’ duties and how she views them through her lens.  Jaclyn’s Sun in Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn.  Since Jaclyn’s Mercury is also in Aquarius with her natal Sun in her 8th house, there will be a linking of themes of both her 7th and 8th houses along with others.  Her Mercury in the 8th house symbolizes Jaclyn’s communication and thinking style and how others may understand or perceive her.  Jaclyn’s 9th house is also ruled by Aquarius and will be part of the themes of her Saturn return.  The 9th house is symbolic of higher education or learning, long distance travel, and religion and law.

You may learn some of Jaclyn’s Mercury in her 8th house in Part One of her story, which highlights some perspective on her awareness of her communications and her perception.  It is important to note that 8th house themes are also about her understanding of what others value.  Jaclyn’s experience shows that she is aware of what resources are needed to support others when she can.  She is living a life focused on supporting the less fortunate and providing service and support for those in her community.

The exact Saturn return date for Jaclyn is December 9, 2018.   On April 24th, 2019, Jaclyn resigned and walked away from her job of five years when Saturn was beginning to slow down just prior to a retrograde.  On April 30, 2019, Saturn stationed retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn with the south node at 21 degrees and Pluto at 23 degrees.  Saturn’s retrograde lasted through the summer, until September 18, 2019.  Saturn retraced back to 13 degrees 54 minutes of Capricorn, closely conjunct the lunar south node and Pluto, and moved within 5 degrees of her natal Saturn. With Jaclyn’s natal Neptune at 10 degrees her Capricorn stellium with Uranus, Saturn and Neptune were all activated through the summer while Saturn was retrograde.  Venus, at 22 degrees Capricorn in her chart, will continue to feel the weight of transformation as Saturn and Pluto move closer to the conjunction on this exact spot on January 12, 2020.  Jaclyn may experience another intense moment related to resources, women in leadership, the less fortunate, or the control of her ego expression. Jaclyn’s Saturn return will include this theme as well, because the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is exact on her natal Venus.  This is an opportunity to understand power, authority and resources in an acute transformational period.

Let’s investigate the moment Jaclyn returned to work after her sabbatical on September 25, 2018 and reflect upon the symbolism available in that moment related to her Saturn return.

Transiting Saturn had recently entered her 7th house and was separating from the descendant angle as well as separating from an opposition to her natal Chiron in Cancer.  Experiences related to coworkers were activated upon her return from her sabbatical.  Saturn was approaching a conjunction with her natal Uranus about 29 minutes of arc, to be exact. Saturn was marching steadily towards an unexpected experience with authority or perhaps a breakthrough with working with authority.  Pluto was also transiting her 7th house, but at the moment she returns to work it was retrograde at 18 degrees 45 minutes of Capricorn, applying to her natal Neptune.  Mercury was in the early degrees of Libra, with the Sun and Venus and Jupiter were in Scorpio. A deep transformation had been taking place with her perception and awareness of others since Pluto had entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008.  However, Saturn in its return will manifest a direct experience and understanding of the transformation that Pluto has been changing, which shows her this sobering view into the misuse of authority and power, but also her own awareness in managing herself with people in roles of authority.

The Moon by transit was at 8 degrees of Aries, an exact square with her natal Saturn in Capricorn. This moment when she returned to work after her sabbatical set the tone and mood as she learned about some office changes that took place in her absence.  It is important to notice that Neptune by transit was in Pisces at 14 degrees 35 minutes retrograde at this time, too, just a little over 4 degrees from her midheaven (MC).  Uranus in transit was at 1 degree 39 minutes and retrograde, 4 degrees away from her natal Mars in Taurus in her 11th house.   Mars in transit had passed her natal Mercury and was approaching her natal Sun in Aquarius, with the lunar south node at 2 degrees Aquarius approaching her natal Mercury.  It is important to understand that the south node will heighten our awareness of past patterns, especially when considering an inner planet like Mercury.  Aquarius (the sign Mercury is in her natal chart) is ruled by Saturn, so it is an important part of the layer of her Saturn return happening in Capricorn, simply by its rulership.

Seven planets and her natal Sun are involved in the Saturn return simply because they are within the signs and houses ruled by Saturn. We would anticipate her experience to include some 9th house symbolism as part of the story because of Saturn’s 9th house rulership, and indeed, travel was an important part of this experience.  Her travels took her away from the office during a month when a new supervisor was being hired after her previous supervisor quit.  Jaclyn’s co-workers had a couple of weeks to get to know this new supervisor before she did and already had a sense of her different style.  Jaclyn was also genuinely disappointed in learning that another coworker was promoted to a manager role that Jaclyn felt qualified for, given her tenure of five years, and in Jaclyn’s perception, this person was quite unqualified.  However, Jaclyn continued to do her work, but these changes were not easy to navigate, and they substantially changed the working environment in an unhealthy way for Jaclyn.  Also, in the spring of 2019, Jaclyn misread a confusing internal communication for a planned event and thus was late to the occasion, but those in charge seemed unempathetic.  Once again Jaclyn felt unappreciated for the hard work she did at her job for supporting homeless populations.   The leadership was turning more toxic in how they acknowledged her work and effort, so Jaclyn had to make a very difficult decision about what she wanted to do with her career.  She decided to resign from her position and April 24, 2019, was her last day with that organization.

In my conversation with Jaclyn she shared that in the few months after the inexperienced supervisor was promoted, between October 2018 and May 2019, three people left their positions because of this supervisor.  Jaclyn was tired of the punitive versus empathetic management style, especially given their role in the community working with the homeless population, so Jaclyn decided to vote with her feet and leave the mismanaged work environment.  Her friend informed her of a temporary administrative job, which she took to pay her bills as she looked for her next job.

The transit chart with Jaclyn’s natal chart shows the impact of the moon in transit in a square to the Saturn, which gives insight into first house themes of self-identity and the free-will choice, e.g., her decision to resign in the spring of 2019.  Saturn was approaching her natal Uranus, which set up unexpected insights into the changes she experienced with the new supervisor. The transit chart for when she returned to work also shows how Mars in Aquarius by transit (free will in action) is involved in this theme.  It also shows Jaclyn’s experience with difficult communication styles and what she expects from leaders and others, especially in a community services work environment.  Mars in Aquarius is about freedom to be and act as you genuinely are in the world.  An Aquarian Mars is accepting of different ways of action and of how people show up in the world.  The Mars transit seems to be fusing with her own Mercury in Aquarius and touching on the desire for empathic communications with others.  Uranus in transit shows the potential sudden impact of her decision based on the events that inspired her to resign her position (transiting Uranus is in orb to her natal Mars and is square in the transit chart with Mars in Aquarius and the south node on her natal Mercury).  Every action we take has a consequence, a cause and effect. We make decisions based on what we think and what we value but also how we are appreciated and acknowledged for what we do in a group effort (e.g., working for an organization).   It may be the wisest choice for her mental health to depart a position she held for five years given the changes that happened in management and what she perceived and experienced.

Looking at Jaclyn’s 2018 Solar Return, let’s see if there is symbolism for the change of management in that chart or perhaps conflict with others within the symbols.  Travel may be visible in the chart, too.  Jaclyn turned 29 in 2018.  One immediately notices the Ascendant of the Solar Return chart is in Cancer, the same sign of Jaclyn’s natal chart.  This detail makes it clear that her 29th year is quite significant in the way she experiences life with others, as the Solar Return chart that year is close to the natal promise of her birth chart.  The Solar Return moon is also in Cancer, indicating a significant emotional sensitivity within the year and how she faces the world.  It will not be easy for her, because with a conjunction with her natal Chiron in Cancer what she experiences will highlight deeper wounds around her identity, her security, and her confidence in how she projects herself into the world.  Something will rattle her self-confidence.  Saturn in transit in the Solar Return chart is at 4 degrees Capricorn, so the Solar Return moon is applying to Saturn in transit (thus stronger and more powerfully felt) and will indicate the hard reality she will face with an authority figure.  She will not approve of the authority figure, as it is closely connected with her natal Uranus (the rebel) and thus this experience will likely lead her to abruptly change direction or change how she interacts with new information from the experience.

The Solar Return Mercury reveals symbolism of how the old paradigm of leadership is not in sync with her own ideology and philosophy.  Her Mercury is Aquarian and seeks leadership and communication styles that are good for the whole group.  The Solar Return Mars in Sagittarius is approaching a square with the Solar Return nodal axis that is in Virgo and Pisces, which gives us a clue to the potential conflict at work (6th house) where she is in service to the public for those of the population in need. The Solar Return Uranus in Aries is approaching her natal Moon in Libra via an opposition, which speaks of her thoughts and experience related to what she deemed unfair and unjust in her work environment and to what led the group  to conscientiously leave their positions (3 co-workers resigning in a few months).  It’s a blow to her ego (Uranus opposite her Moon in Libra) and a challenge to her self-expression of how she creates in the world at her work.

In the Solar Return chart for Jaclyn there are four aspects that symbolize dealing with conflict, sensitivity to fairness, and the hard choices she must make with her “rebel with a cause” identity.  Jaclyn had another birthday before she decided to make a serious change to her work.  We will look at the Solar Return of 2019 as well for deeper insights.  However, in 2018 the Solar Return Ascendant is in the sign of her natal Ascendant, which is key for understanding how important this year was for her and for her identity and confidence (given Chiron near her Ascendant natally).  The ruler of the Ascendant, the Moon, is also in the same sign of Cancer and conjunct the Ascendant within a degree in opposition to Solar Return Saturn (a tight opposition of 3½ degrees), which is conjunct her natal Uranus.  The Solar Return Uranus in Aries is opposing her natal Moon in Libra, too, which reflects very dynamic and cardinal energy!  The last thing to consider is that the Solar Return Midheaven was 4 degrees Aries, and the symbolism is about making snap decisions or dealing with conflict (or perhaps both).  This Solar Return is tightly square, almost exact, to the Solar Return Saturn, which is like a T-square between the SR Ascendant, the SR Moon, and her natal Chiron, with SR Saturn opposing and natal Uranus in Capricorn.  It is surprising from this viewpoint that Jaclyn managed to stay at her job for another seven months before resigning.  Her natal Mars in Taurus likely had her thinking about her direction and choices thoroughly before she made her final decision.




Considering the changes Jaclyn made in April 2019 we may see more of the story of her decision to resign in the Solar Return of her birthday in 2019.  Jaclyn turned 30 this year.




The Solar Return chart for Jaclyn in 2019 has her Midheaven in Cancer and the Ascendant in Libra, and this time the Solar Return chart creates a grand square between the Solar Return Midheaven conjunct her Ascendant (near exact) and her natal Chiron in Cancer, with the Solar Return Ascendant in Libra located in her 4th house of home and family, which strongly squares her Ascendant and squares her natal Uranus as well.  Solar Return Chiron by degrees is opposing the Solar Return Ascendant at 29 degrees Pisces in her 10th house of career.  Once again, we can see the sensitivity to her self-identity and what she is projecting into the world and how the career persona she had created over several years is being re-calibrated through this shift (cardinal signs of the Solar Return MC/IC and ASC/DEC).

The Solar Return south node in Capricorn is applying to her natal Venus in Capricorn, which is symbolic of some loss related to feeling and being appreciated by others and is also symbolic of potential changes in her money situation.  The Solar Return Moon is in Scorpio deep in her 5th house of ego.  When the Solar Return Moon is in Scorpio it reveals deep emotional experiences that one wrestles with during the year.  The revelation she gets may be related to her ego going through a transformative process because of her job experience, which then influences her approach to how she projects herself into the world. Also, from this emotional revelation she may change her approach with others with what she experiences.  This insight is a game changer for her.  It is a maturing, real-world experience that she would anticipate with this Solar Return chart.  Cancer-rising individuals often evaluate what is allowable in their daily life for their well-being within the world and in connection to others with whom they work (Capricorn 7th house), but the question rises “are they safe to be themselves openly?”  With her Sun in Aquarius, Jaclyn is energized by leaders who consider the whole and are progressive in their management style.  Knowing this now more intimately from her direct experience she will have greater discernment around with whom she will work and invest her time and energy in the future.

In her Solar Return of 2019, the Solar Return Mars is in Aries at 18 degrees 56 minutes and Jaclyn is more likely to make an abrupt move with her free will, which indeed took place when she decided to resign in late April.  The day she resigns the Sun is at 4 degrees Taurus, with Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus, and the moon in transit was exactly on her natal Saturn at 8 degrees of Capricorn (chart not shown).  In the Solar Return of 2019, Mars is also applying to conjunction with the Solar Return Uranus in Aries at 28 degrees, too. Transiting Mars and Uranus connected on February 12, 2019 at 29 degrees of Aries 11 minutes.  A more intense set of aspects visible in the Solar Return of 2019 is when Uranus reaches her natal Mars by transit on June 15, again on October 9, and once again on April 4, 2020.  These may be the times when she has a breakthrough, or some type of confrontation related to how others perceive her in action.  It is key that the Solar Return Mars is square to Solar Return Saturn at 14 degrees and Solar Return Pluto at 21 degrees within her 7th house of others.  Jaclyn’s natal Neptune is part of the dynamic bringing her a dose of disillusionment in with leaders of her workplace. The Solar Return Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius symbolize her hope and faith in what she brings to service through her job, and her beliefs.  Though she may have unclarity about what is real for her career, it is understandable for this year as Neptune is applying to her Midheaven and that does not make it easy for her to see the way forward presently. The experiences of this year may throw her off her intended direction, but something new is coming and surrendering to that new direction is part of the process.  She may take some to time realize what shape that new direction will be while Neptune moves beyond her Midheaven.  Because Neptune in Jaclyn’s natal chart is in her 7th house of others, it would be prudent for her to take note of what went well and what went wrong in her work that opened her to disillusionment.  Our experience with others changes when we learn and understand our expectations of others and alters what we expect in our interactions.  Our perception changes (first house) from new awareness and experience, and these changes then influence the degree in which we may experience disillusionment.  Getting an up-close and personal experience with others is often quite sobering.  The more Jaclyn has learned in this experience the better prepared she is for increasingly complex relationships with leadership and co-workers.  She is likely to outline and set new boundaries for her working relationships.

In January 2019 Jaclyn traveled again to Mexico and she was able to deliver the pickers (tools for cleaning out the rivers) to those she had met with in 2018.  Jaclyn is an Aquarian humanitarian at heart, which is visible in the work she chooses to do in this world and how she responds to the needs of others, even while on vacation.  Her Saturn return may have brought some hard realities of what exists in our society, but she is reaching toward something that is greater for the whole of her community and for those she notices have a need.  The experiences related to work and leadership have led her through an emotional journey to really focus on what she wants now.  Moving more toward event-based service versus individually focused services surfaced during our conversations in May.  Jaclyn will find what is right for her and will come out of her Saturn return experience with an understanding of where her leadership can be improved, and she will have new insights and wisdom in how she “manages up” in other roles she takes in her career of service.  Jaclyn’s story shows that even though her Saturn return gave her lessons on how things are difficult and sometimes mismanaged, it did not deter her Aquarian heart from doing the work to improve life for others and for the whole of her community.