Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Partial Solar Eclipse at 2:58 am PDT August 11, 2018 – Beyond Subtle Shading of a King

Tonight at 2:58 am Pacific Daylight Time we have our third eclipse, a partial solar eclipse at 18 degrees 41 minutes of Leo kicking of the Leo new moon phase on August 11, 2018.  The eclipse comes with a square to Jupiter in Scorpio at 14 degrees 48 minutes amplifying the fixed nature of intensity for this lunar month.  Plenty of new material surfacing with the ego having the light partially out on the inner zodiac of the collective, more prominent of course in the locations where the partial eclipse is visible. Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus 33 minutes square the transiting nodes at 5 degrees 54 minutes north node in Leo and south node in Aquarius.  Plenty of disruptive energy connected to the moon and the moon’s nodes.  Mars at zero degrees Aquarius 19 minutes still in retrograde adds the extra punch to the volatility of the nodes square to Uranus being conjunct the south node especially.  Past issues or events coming around again for review and perhaps new resolution with new information.

Venus, the planet of love, romance, building rapport and attraction is recently moved into Libra, and at this eclipse new moon in Leo is at 4 degrees 29 minutes Libra in a very tense aspect at an opposition wit Chiron (the wounded healer) at 1 degree 51 minutes Aries with a T-square aspect from Saturn in Capricorn at 3 degrees 4 minutes not to get too excited about relationships or even justice for that matter, because there’s a karmic blindside that can play out if the opportunity to coalesce presents itself.  Balance is hard work, getting justice is hard work too, sometimes it takes a very long time to see the fruits of labor presenting in the legal system (especially in the United States) to feel that you’ve come to a moment of completion and positive result.  The sad truth is how much time it takes and how much is lost in living life at one’s highest potential when such a dynamic is transpiring in the life.  Sometimes life requires us to show up in very challenging situations on our principles and make changes with who we are in relationship with as we may grow beyond the place we were when the relationship started.  We don’t always exit relationships with grace, but maybe that is the learning curve and the respectful approach, so if there is a transitioning out of a relationship in your life how are you keeping it civilized and respectful so the next phase of your life and future relationships may honor where you’ve grown.

Looking at this eclipse in Leo and even though it is partial I wonder about the inner child, the self-expression and creativity of the collective soul being eclipsed, overshadowed by the emotional self that hasn’t been seen, heard or validated.  What parts of our emotions are overriding our innate joy?  I know this is off cuff, but hey, here it is.  With the moon throwing shade on the sun in the Leo eclipse I could totally see a dramatic woman throwing shade on a Leo “king” type of man.  Does that not ring a bell?!?  Ha ha ha I cannot help myself, not that the First Lade of the United States hasn’t recently thrown some shade on her husband of recent.  I cannot make this stuff up, reality sometimes is just too bizarre and will make you laugh if you see the astrology symbolism in such a moment. LeBron must’ve have done something right.  Sometimes seeing the comedy in life helps get over the humps of the insanity that seems to be an every day event nowadays.  So, who makes you laugh? I am finding that laughing a lot brings in a lightness that otherwise wasn’t there.  So, find people who make you laugh and let it rip.  Life is too short to frequently be wading in the negative.

Artists, musicians and poets may appreciate the Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces an abundant flow in these two water signs.  If you have any planets mid water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may find access to the flow of great pieces in whatever medium that evoke deep emotional expression.  Bless those souls who capture the spectrum of feeling and emotion that is the human condition.  When is the last time an opera aria or a sculpture made you cry for the feeling it created from a deep place within you?  Take time to appreciate your local artists they help us know ourselves from a variety of perspectives.  Life is the canvas and the emotions felt are the paint placed inspired from an inner genius that brings us face to face with something we may have missed and only recognize it when we catch a glimpse in the art shared for our viewing and appreciation.  With Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus there seems to be a bit of unexpected magic that could take form, don’t you think?

Finally, Pluto is plodding through Capricorn in retrograde at 19 degrees 19 minutes at this eclipse.  We may sense more of the transformation and power that Pluto symbolizes in the collective dynamics and news we hear nearly every day as long-standing systems and agencies continue to go through deep changes, some of them in rather destructive ways.  We will have much to rebirth in the new cycle, but we still are in the mode of dramatic and change that some still resist.  When Jupiter and Saturn reach Aquarius, then we will see the new coming period beginnings.  That is a few years out, but keep the faith and keep participating in the change for a better community and a better life for all.  December 21-22, 2020 Jupiter and Saturn begin a new cycle.  Though Pluto will be around 23 Capricorn, there will continue to be deep transformation in the collective structure of systems. Until Pluto moves into Aquarius March 23, 2023 there is more that will come to our attention as demanding the transformation, then it will be the deep transformation of Aquarian themes as Pluto will then will blaze a trail through all things related to technology and our lives in an industrialized state and how we look at our lives as unique individuals but also within the context of us all part of humanity and how we live on earth together.  Keep your eyes on the goal for collective positive change that enables us to live as true individuals and that we honor that which connects all of us.  That is why we speak up to anything that would hold us apart from that truth.