Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Welcome 2016, Mercury Going Retrograde and Mars into Scorpio!

Mik tiger in snow_Oregon ZooJanuary 4, 2016.  Today Mercury is stationing to go retrograde. Mercury is currently at 0 degrees 59 minutes of Aquarius. This Mercury retrograde is squaring the moon in Scorpio, suggesting deep feeling and emotions being stirred as the planet appears to stop in motion in the heavens and move backwards. Scorpio energy with the moon squaring Mercury in Aquarius has significant potential to raise conflict as the inner world (moon) is stirred and our head (Mercury) wants to fight it. How do we bring the two in alignment? Mindfulness is key here. Mercury in retrograde starting in Aquarius may have issues with anything mechanical or technology. Be aware this may be a frustration for some during this retrograde. The bulk of the retrograde moves through the later degrees of Capricorn until January 25th where it will move direct again at 14 degrees 55 minutes Capricorn at 1:49 PM PT, bringing it over and back of the transiting Pluto which is at 15 degrees 11 minutes (as of today, Jan. 4th).  If you have another planet within this degree you could see some potential shifts in your thinking and something manifest to be an observable fact of your life experience.  I have my natal Mercury at 14 degrees 01 minute of Capricorn near my midheaven at 11 degrees 05 minutes, so indeed I will be observing this Mercury retrograde transit quite closely.  If you have a project that you’ve been trying to get done but for some reason were distracted in completing it, this period of time of the retrograde is a good time to get back into it and use your willful intent to get across the finish line. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and it is an energy that will be supportive in accomplishing a hard task, it requires our focus and determination to do so. I personally have a goal to get my journal caught up to the current day so I intend to do several pages of writing for events and experiences of 2015 and have myself caught up by the end of this period. I’ve also noticed my thoughts in flow and dreams of recent couple of days (perhaps with the moon moving into Scorpio, or maybe it is the Moon in a trine to Neptune in Pisces promoting the easy flow of dreams) having thoughts of past relationships surface in some manner that my subconscious seems to be “working on” to get my attention. It will take effort to unravel what they may offer me in the present moment, but I have noticed the story lines of my thought patterns being focused a bit more in the past for matters that need some attention to release them. Mars entered Scoporio on Sunday, January 3rd adding to the mix of energy which will bring a little “raw emotion”, increased sexual energy and perhaps even combativeness. You may find you have extra energy for that workout while Mars is in Scorpio. We often take time in the beginning of a year to reflect on the past, to consider what do I want to experience now? Asking ourselves what did I appreciate about my life in the past year? What do I want to do this year or complete that I’ve been working on for some time? I appreciate the reflective moments as it does act as a catalyst for change if we’re willing to really listen to our hearts, which sometimes requires quieting the mind. Our ego likes to play it safe more often than our spirit.

Presently the sun is conjunct Pluto (forming within a degree) in the heavens in Capricorn. This is an intensification of the Capricorn energy and the challenge to power or a challenge to the “status quo” or “the system” and even a challenge of the relationship to the father archetype. I find this interesting considering the recent news of an Oregon militia takeover in rural Oregon. The protesters, ranchers and militia, are making a stand against the federal government for land reclaimed (regrazing rights, land resources) and for certain rights (gun ownership). You can read more of the story here http://tinyurl.com/zdaxjfq   It’s important to understand the synchronicity of the energy and it manifesting, wherever your opinion stands on the matter. It is not a cause and effect relationship of us and the heavens, it is in parallel, “as above so below, so below as above” is key to this understanding. We are the whole. Wedsnesday, January 5th as the sun lands on the exact degree of the transiting Pluto there may be something of significance either from this event or something else that unfolds in the larger collective that will be influencing the power of the system and the power of the people. This will be in more than one country, this will be across the planet, however every country has its own natal chart which will influence how much each individual country may experience this theme. This is also a continuation of the theme of the Uranus square Pluto energies as they are still within orb and relevant at this time. See earlier posts on the Uranus-Pluto square (7 hits over 3 years June 24, 2012 – March 16, 2015) or Google it to read more. While this theme continues to work itself through the fabric of life we can learn from these influences through observation and understand ourselves from a new persepctive. What is changing within you? How much have you changed in your personal life in these past three or four years? I dare say, the universe is beckoning us for new vistas that require great change within all of us. We have a new moon coming next week on January 9th, as the moon wanes this week complete any loose ends that needs doing. The first new moon of the year will be a great time to start new in the powerful Capricorn energy! Welcome 2016!