Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Sagittarius today! Opening our gift of greater potential.

Chiron2The last new moon of 2015! Today, December 11, 2015 at 2:29 AM Pacific Time our new moon cycle began in the sign of Sagittarius at 19 degrees 3 minutes. As part of this new moon we have Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries striking the 16 degrees 40 minutes of Libra (Mars) and Aries (Uranus). Can you say “B-I-G” energy?! In addition to this combo we have Jupiter squaring the Moon & Sun in Sagittarius from Virgo (where Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius). We have a trine of Venus in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces adding the lovely water element to all of it at 7 degrees 10 min (Scorpio and Neptune). Mars opposite Uranus is the strongest signature in cardinal signs so the theme has A LOT of energy in the individuation or sudden awareness or events (Uranus) of Aries opposite the energy of Mars in Libra which is often the social, seeking harmony or justice energy. Have a few holiday parties to attend to tonight or this weekend?  Keep in mind this high energy mix as one might find themselves starting a heated debate on social injustices or even being confronted. Keep your head on straight.  In the larger picture there is a strong surge of individuation within the self while in action with the other. What is pushing you to express your individual self or what in your mind is keeping you from it?  Find courage to new ways of expression to free your being. When you’re loving toward your self you are able to be loving to the other.

This energy combination can manifest in a myriad of expressions it depends on the “house” focus for you from your nativity. I offer here one potential perspective. Having a personal reading can provide you insight into where these energies are flowing in your life and provide insight on potentials, you have  choices to consider. What better gift to yourself to then knowing yourself in relationship to the cosmos.  Jupiter squaring the new moon in Sagittarius carries us with some positive energy perhaps support coming to us unexpectedly. We may find we have a new faith after a rough time. This is a Jupiterian energy of higher education, teachers and the law where we may find connections with this professionals or themes prominent this cycle. Also a religious energy and travel may be emphasized. Many possibilities to consider at this time and it’s quite expansive, with an optimism to it. Are you feeling expansive, ready to take on something new or travel a great distance? Maybe your pastor/minister/guru is more prominent this cycle for leading you on a journey to see a larger perspective. The Venus in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces has a mystical yet positive flow of depth in the emotions. Those who had Saturn in Scorpio last year and this past summer may feel this flow as a lovely relief and something fresh with depth open now for life.  It may also be too easy to let it flow in riskier social situations too, discernment would be prudent here.

This is an OPTIMUM time to plant new seeds for your dreams and goals and let it loose and have faith in the universe to bring it your way. Your job is to keep it in focus and allow. How amazing a gift that is to be amazed by the universe. I cannot think of a more magical thing than that this Christmas season. We have a rare full moon on Christmas this year too, first one since 1977 on Christmas day (which interestingly enough is the year Chiron was discovered) the Centaur, the wounded healer which is making a strong suggestion of our gift of healing. Dare to share your heart, the gift you get is immeasurable. Love and happiest new moon cycle to you all!  ~Sarrah West