Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Sagittarius: November 26, 2019. A Glimpse into the Big Picture.

The new moon in Sagittarius comes together on Tuesday morning November 26, 2019, at 7:06 AM PST. Their union happens at 4 degrees 3 minutes Sagittarius, lifting us up in levity after the balsamic moon in Scorpio.  The illuminated duo are in a trine with Chiron in Aries at 1 degree 33 minutes, putting a spin towards healing our masculine consciousness.  The invitation is philosophy, reaching out for adventure, exploring the world and the freedom of movement and what a blessing it is to move freely.  When we move freely, our spirits sparkle in that expression of life expressed and explored with our biggest questions about what is to be alive.   Jupiter is in Sagittarius at 28 degrees 38 minutes exaggerating the free will that gallops forward into places unknown, having rich examples of life abundantly available to us as we live.  For a few more days, the bubble of Jupiter feels delightful especially for the houses within your own chart that are in the element of fire.

On Monday, December 2nd, Jupiter will enter Capricorn at 10:20 AM PST and the reality will shift when Jupiter enters the sign ruled by Saturn.  There will be a noticeable and palpable reigning in from the past year that you will see collectively as well as in your own life experience.  Practical and responsible may be words that surface during the holidays, especially from the mouths of parents and authority figures.  Guess what?  You get more responsibility, oh yes and daydreaming may cost you a gnarly glance if you are taking a vacation in your head when others are counting on you for something that has now made its way to the top of the priority list. Jupiter can get help get a lot of things done that have deep meaning for you while in the sign of Capricorn.  It is important to consider, what is the benefit of a more practical approach to my business or my work, what about how I take care of my body or even one’s own creative expression?  Jupiter works with Saturn to expand and at the same time is absolutely in the realm of Saturn.  Those of us who understand and operate working within budgets, milestones, timelines, deadlines, and the purpose still is growth you can understand this “growing” but within bounds of smart, savvy stewardship that doesn’t leave a pile of waste.  Saturn is the discipline, the focus, the stable climbing individual towards some mastery.  Jupiter helps us all with having faith that it all comes together, that the effort is worth it, that we grow knowing we have limits too. Venus enters Capricorn today (November 25th) at 4:29 PM PST.   Venus in Capricorn is similar to a stoic queen, one of beauty in the shape, controlled in emotions and is acutely aware of the needs of others.  Venus in Capricorn is symbolic of the first wave of pulling in some and being aware of what is around us how we feel more contained. Some of us will feel more cut off from beauty in this subtle energy shift, some will not lean in to their desires as they have the past month.  Venus is our love language in action in a dance with Mars.  While in Capricorn, we may feel that we need to stay focused on work and less inclined for sensual moments.  Mars is another story.  Mars is in Scorpio at 4 degrees 49 minutes, so sexual energies are available, but the intimacy that comes with Venus may be harder to reach, not impossible, just different.  Mars is our free will too, in Scorpio there is an intense focus that comes with the fixed energy.  So that is a gift to whatever we may be trying to discover through research, deep questions and similar.  Most importantly, Mars is opposite Uranus in Taurus at 3 degrees 28 retrograde.  They are separating so the impact of these two is fading.

Mercury in Scorpio at 14 degrees 16 minutes keeps our thought process focused into emotional intensity of the moment. Neptune at 15 degrees 55 minutes is trine to Mercury. An easy flow of imagination comes from our deepest mind.

Are you looking for answers in the depths of why people behave the way they do to better understand someone?  How are psychological insights helping you engage with someone this month and how are you communicating with each other?  Is it indirect?  Is it touching on shadow material?  Are your thoughts carried into creating something and losing sense of time?  Are you proactive in seeking answers or are you observing unconsciousness patterns of pain and past trauma surfacing? These are questions Mercury in Scorpio prompt for us to communicate clearly and navigate possible hidden minefields of the human psyche that we are becoming more familiar with collectively.  One last thought on Mercury in Scorpio is this, what has Mercury as a messenger been revealing for you personally, for your friends and family and then for everyone in a country or within the global community?  Each of us has a list of revelations that have surfaced with Mercury’s retrograde between October 31 and November 20th.  We have not yet moved beyond the degree of where he started the retrograde in Scorpio, so through December 7th there will be additional insights we may see from what will be or has been revealed.  The deeper understanding with all the information gathered and revealed will have gravitas.

Saturn in Capricorn at 17 degrees and 33 minutes edges closer to Pluto at 21 degrees 20 minutes.  The south node of the moon at 10 degrees 6 minutes in Capricorn is just over 10 degrees before the nodal shift into Sagittarius.  That shift roughly five months away in May. On May 4, 2020, the lunar nodes shift into Sagittarius and Gemini.  Interestingly the moon is 14 Libra as the true lunar nodes shift.  The Sun and Venus in Gemini with the north node in that moment.   Jupiter will be at 27 degrees Capricorn retrograde and is wedged tightly between Saturn in Aquarius at 1 degree 56 minutes retrograde and Pluto at 24 degrees 58 minutes retrograde in Capricorn.  This lunar node shift will move the energies (especially our emotional bodies) into greater fluidity with movement that we may not expect.  It will feel different than the dynamic of the nodes in Capricorn and Cancer.  As a reminder the nodes of the moon are in a sign for about 18 months.  Jupiter will be connected to the south node of release (spiritual growth) the tail of the dragon then (while Jupiter is in Capricorn) and the north node will be connected to the material world, growth through Gemini, where Mercury rules.  Logic and learning facts will be the areas we reach collectively.  A cycle for learning and gathering new information, sharing information and social change will be emerging with Saturn in Aquarius.  However, Saturn will have one more dip into Capricorn with Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020 that will be an important part of the releasing we do collectively.  What shakes out in those moments next year about excess?  In the USA, I am a little timid to learn the depths of what excess has done and left a trail to be cleaned up for us all.

This new moon in Sagittarius we can look ahead, a theme for the sign is to take it all the bigger picture into consideration.  We can kindle our faith and be joyful of this present moment.  We can remind ourselves that we are participating in life that is far grander than any of our ego minds could ever grasp really.  We can celebrate that we always have access to the divine that is within us all, at our center and we are reminded in many faiths and philosophies of this inner knowing of truth.  We may stumble as individuals and even as a collective, but our shared humanity is the most direct and gentle reminder we see it in another’s eyes the depth truth, simply that love IS. If we ever fall off the path of faith, we simply need to connect and look deeply into each other’s eyes, the soul knows, and it is undeniable what is in our hearts.  At this new moon in Sagittarius may your faith be replenished, and you are reminded of your connection to God, to Source, to the great I am.  Everything we need for abundant life is available to us.   Kahlil Gibran wrote, “I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”

Namaste. Bless this moment.