Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

New Moon in Aries – April 7, 2016 at 18 Aries 04 minutes 4:24 am PDT


The Magic Carpet by Knyazev Sergey

Thursday, April 7th, 2016 our moon will begin a new cycle at 4:24 AM PDT at 18 degrees 04 minutes in the sign of Aries. This new moon has quite a bit of fire energy to it with Venus at 2 degrees 11 minutes Aries, Sun and Moon at 18 degrees 04 minutes Aries, Uranus at 20 degrees 19 minutes and Mercury at 22 degrees 54 minutes Aries. Additionally, all this fire in Aries is in trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (retrograde) at 156 degress 16 minutes and Mars at 6 degrees 19 minutes slowed down to go retrograde next week on April 17th. This is a lot of fire focused energy and will be a very potent new moon for setting an intention that will likely be for the long haul given the retrograde of Saturn and Mars. Mars will go retrograde April 17th and goes direct on June 29th, pulling that Mars energy into an inner focus where we may find the best use of the energy. If there are inner battles that move outwardly unconsciously this energy will be more volite and can be quite “hot”.  Being mindful at this time would be sage counsel as Mars is moving slower which intensifies the energy especially over next weekend April 17-19.  Pluto is also going retrograde on April 18th which is quite the power punch at 17 degrees 29 minutes Capricorn.  Observe the news on the world stage, it’s a teacher for us all about where we are as a collective.

If inner work has been your focus and perhaps you have a new direction inspired recently, you may find that some “baking time” is needed to truly bring it forward and you may encounter obstacles along the path until Mars moves direct again. Saturn may insist you limit yourself in some way to do the work at hand or require a deeper commitment on your part to see something bloom that has enduring potential. Consider the truth of doing something right the first time and what that really requires of your focus. The Sabian Symol for 19 Aries is “The magic carpet” and is illuminated with this New Moon on April 7th. Blain Bovee writes the inspiration as “Extraordinary means of surpassing obstacles are like a magic carpet ride.” I really love this image and for a new moon at this time brings an uplifted feeling that even with the tough road ahead there is support as if magically supporting us and we can rise to the occasion. Knowing there is a really tough job ahead of us I cannot think of anything any more inspiring to imagine that divine support and we can keep working hard knowing that in time our commitment to details, to hard work and engaging in places we didn’t feel as confident but do so in order to do better, make a better life will pay off for us. Blessings to all who commit to doing the heavy lifting that not many others did not want to do, but because your effort something beautiful, enduring and brilliant will emerge.