Live wisely in expanded awareness of the cosmos and number vibrations influencing your life. Hermetic wisdom, as above, so below, is where you will find your truth. ~ Sarrah West

Fast Track to an Obstacle: Mars Opposite Saturn, exact May 15, 2015


This Friday May 15, 2015 Mars and Saturn oppose each other in our heavens creating a high tension for these areas in our lives, Mars transiting Gemini (the sign of the twins) and Saturn transiting retrograde in Sagittarius. This combination can knock you over! Depending on the location in your chart, this energy is intense and may show up as increase in physical activities but also with some kind of burden attached to it, a heaviness that makes the job more challenging. In the communication area, perhaps we are at odds with neighbors, our siblings or friends (youth) and things come to a heated exchange, be mindful knowing these energies are within us just as they are above us and perhaps keeping that in mind will help navigate with some grace. Seeing the recent news of train derailments both in Philadelphia and here in Washington state near Wenatchee this Mars and Saturn opposition and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Gemini will indeed make travels more challening for some as is already showing up as we near the exact opposition degree come Friday at 2:03 AM EDT (Thursday May 14th at 11:03 PM PDT).

These are opposing energies, Mars is all about action, moving, and emotionally it is like anger or intensity, where Saturn is all about slow predictive movement, constriction, patience and slow. Saturn is like the brick wall for the fast moving Mars in Gemini, putting the two in opposition creates the highest degree of tension that will find it’s way and not in ways that are predictable and often without measured thought. If we encounter delays, accidents or speak without thinking about the nature of our words we may need to take a moment and meditate, say a prayer and simply breathe. A question for now if feeling the tension in your boody is “What am I feeling stuck with or about that is needing expression?” It’s good energy for slow sports, like weight lifting, or building something slowly, gardening and even writing, journaling, poetry, any writing for that matter, with the opposition of Saturn one will feel more in the process. This opposition can express as hard work, lots of restriction and just plain DIFFICULT. It’s generally not a good time to go up against something in a conversation, as you may feel the heat come back at you, save your debate breath for a better moment in time. This combination is primed for anger expression, being aware of that you may realize early on when to step away from something that triggers you and be able to channel it into something like physical labor.

There’s a season for everything, so being mindful of that simple little truth might help what NOT to do during this week until the opposition separates. Though life is ever flowing, we cannot hide in the closet with every less than favorable aspect comes along, but we can be mindful, we can be helpful and we can be compassionate. Just observing the news of recent is ample opportunity to step into shoes of compassion.