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#UptheMountainSaturninCapricorn…launching details Monday December 18, 2017 



May 9, 2020 – Venus in Gemini – Retrograde of 2020 

ONLINE: Eventbrite – Tickets Now Available (Donation class offering) HERE 



May 12, 2020, Venus starts her retrograde cycle in Gemini. Are you curious about it? This class is for beginners who want to know more!

Did you know that every 22 months Venus returns to the location it was when you were born? Venus has a retrograde cycle this year in Gemini, starting on May 12, 2020. In this webinar we are highlighting a few case studies on the Venus retrograde cycle in Gemini with charts we can explore the potentials for public personalities. This class will give a glimpse into their lives and what astrology symbolism we can gain from the review. This class may help you form questions as a beginner that will increase your understanding of Venus and her retrograde cycle. You will learn how to evaluate what symbolism may occur in a birth chart through the symbolism discussion and gain further knowledge on the house placement of a planet and what houses a planet rules. This is a fun class for exploration and questions!

This beginner’s astrology class will focus mostly on Venus in Gemini, however, there will be some examples where the natal Moon in Gemini, or natal Sun in Gemini, and perhaps rising sign Gemini at 5-6 degrees and the 21-22 degrees are also discussed as these will be emphasized in this year’s retrograde cycle.

Anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of Venus as a planet, her cycles, and symbolism will enjoy this class. There will also be an additional emphasis for all Venus-ruled individuals (Sun and Rising Signs of Taurus and Libra) as anytime Venus switches up her cycle these individuals will experience life changes in a visceral way.
Most importantly, this is a fun way to learn astrology within a focus on one planet in one sign! Register today as seats are limited in this online webinar classroom (Zoom).




April 11, 2020  –  Planetary Symbolism at 12:00 pm 

ONLINE:  Eventbrite – Tickets Now Available!  HERE  

The planets have symbolism for the language of astrology. Come learn the basic meanings of the planets in this astrology class for clarity.

About this Event

There are several planets and dwarf planets we consider in astrology, seven are traditional and three are transpersonal, each have rich symbolic meaning for our human experience and expression. Our lives have a road map. The moment you were born a chart may be cast to reveal a rich and meaningful symbolic guide to the archetypes of your life. There is deep symbolism of the planets that offer you in their relationship to each other a path to a deeper understanding of yourself in relationship to others and what your strengths and challenges are in life. The more you know yourself the higher you may choose for yourself as you direct your life in your decisions. This class is perfect for new students learning astrology to gain a foundation of the basics.

This astrology class reveals the importance and symbolism of each planet and what they language for us all in their symbolic meaning. Many know some basics of their sun sign. This class expands that knowledge with each planet. You will learn planetary symbolism not just in the context of our personalities but also in the way we perceive, the way we believe, what we are here to master and why we may change in life and how we strive towards becoming who we are as individuals with authenticity. The planets through the lens of astrology provide us with an increased level of consciousness and how we embody certain attributes and how it is expressed in life. Come join this class to further your knowledge in astrology on one of the most important foundation topics that will help you read your birth chart and those of your family and friends, but also the real-time transits of the planets in general.



February 15th – Astrology of the Soul at 12:00 pm 

Astrology of the Soul:
Understanding the Soul Medicine of Healing in your Chart

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (Uptown Mall)

Register here:



November 9 – Jupiter in Capricorn 

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Cost: $20

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (Uptown Mall)

Register here:

October 6 – Mars in Your Chart: Warriors, Wounds and Waking Up Courageously

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Cost: $20

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (Uptown Mall)


September 22 – AUTUMN EQUINOX Event – Lotus of the Moon 

11:00 am – 4:00 pm PDT – Astrology Readings

$30 per 30 minutes reading

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (Uptown Mall)


September 21st @ 12:00 PM PDT – Syndoc Cycles 

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (Uptown Mall)

Cost: $20

Register here:


August 24th @ 12:00 PM PDT – Jupiter in Focus 

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (in Uptown Mall)

Cost: $20

Register here: 


July 20th @ 12:00 PM PDT – Planetary Rulerships 

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (in Uptown Mall)

Cost: $20

Register here: 


June 22nd @ 12:00  PM PDT – Lunar Nodes: The Evolutionary Intent of Your Soul

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (in Uptown Mall)

Cost: $20

Register here: 


May 18th @ 12:00 PM PDT  – Saturn-Pluto Conjunction: Navigating This Life Changer in 2019-2020

Where: Lotus of the Moon at 1386 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA (in Uptown Mall)

Cost: $20

Register here: 




April 13-14  The Healing Light Expo – Red Lion Hotel Columbia Center

My booth is in the 2nd room where I’m offering mini-readings for 30 minutes.

1101 N Columbia Center Blvd. Kennewick, WA 99336

CLICK Image to save in your upcoming events on Facebook. 







Astrology Workshop -Relationships in your Birth Chart

April 20, 2019 @ 2:00 PM PDT

Lotus of the Moon in Richland, WA

Donation for attendance



VENUS Retrograde in Scorpio – In the Depths of Love – TUESDAY – SEPTEMBER 25th, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Where:  LOTUS of the MOON in Richland, WA

1386 Jadwin Ave, Richland, Washington 99354

We will dive into the coming Venus retrograde occurring in Scorpio to Libra and what the symbolism of the astrology guides us in this coming cycle. Bring or send your birth date (with birth time and place) to get a copy of your birth chart. There will be discounts on readings for all attendees and a little surprise. Email Sarrah at with birth information she will bring a printed copy of your birth chart.  Donations for attendance.

art image credit: Karol Bak

Now through December 15, 2017 – Mini-Readings Special!

Some of you have been asking me about mini readings I do at the Healing Spirit Expo. So here you are! 💜
Mini-Readings now through December 15th $40 / 45 min. Do you have a specific area you want to get clarity on? Or perhaps see opportunities for breakthroughs ahead? You may reach me here on FB or at, or text 425.241.2979 to schedule time.



June 1, 2017  Uranus Transits – Webinar via EA Zoom Meetings 6:00 PM PDT 

Uranus_clouds  (Will be posted to EA Zoom Meetings on YouTube, link to follow)

(*attendance requires joining EA Zoom Meetings Group on Facebook)

We’ll be exploring the impact of Uranus Transits across Sun, Moon, Nodes and Angles of the natal chart. A quick overview of Uranus the archetype and then how we understand Uranus in EA. Volunteer Olive Bean will share personal experiences from key fourth harmonic Uranus transits in her life to date. It’s bound to be electric and perhaps give you a breakthrough with new insight!


April 8-9  Healing Spirit Expo – Sunday 1:00 PM PDT Lecture 

This coming Sunday, April 9th at 1PM I will be presenting at the Healing Spirit Expo in Kennewick at The Red Lion Inn on The Four Elements the Foundation of Astrology. This a perfect class for beginners to understanding the foundation of astrology. I will also have a booth for readings both Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend!

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March 22, 2017, at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM – Venus: Finding Love in Your Birth Chart

The Divine Fellowship 513 Ave. Richland, WA 99352

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In this class we’ll look at the planet Venus symbolism, and the natural Yod in our natal charts where we find fulfillment and love in our life. The Yod, also known as the “Hand of God” is a specific aspect that in relation to Venus in our charts provides deep insights into our love fulfillment. A good class for beginners and intermediate astrology enthusiasts. Love donation to The Divine Fellowship for attendance.
Art: Dimitra Milan

February 22, 2017, at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PMSolar Returns Astrology Workshop

The Divine Fellowship 513 Ave. Richland, WA 99352
Sun art solar return

Sarrah West of One Sage’s View is facilitating an astrology workshop Wednesday, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2017 at 7:00 PM at The Divine Fellowship at 513 Barth Avenue – Richland.   We’ll be looking at the moment the sun returns to the exact degree each year on or near your birthday.  We’ll discover why this is valuable to understand the energies both positive and challenging in the flow of the personal year. We’ll explore the solar return of volunteers in attendance, so please bring your birth time with you.

This is a good class for beginners and intermediate astrology enthusiasts. Attendees will receive discount for future readings.

Love donation for attendance is given to The Divine Fellowship.


December 3, 2016 10:00 am – 4:00 pm  The Divine Fellowship Gift Fair

513 Barth Ave. Richland, WA 99352


You’re invited to The Divine Fellowship Gift Fair with many wonderful vendors for readings and mindful gifts.  Come see us is this Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 10:00 am PST through 4:00 pm.  It will be fun to see you, come see me if you’d like a mini-reading or a gift certificate for a loved one.  I’m offering 30 minute reading for $25 at the Gift Fair.

You may also purchase gift certificates for $45, $100, $140 increments for Solar Returns (Birthday – the year ahead) (35-45 minutes), Transits & Progressions (approx. 60-75 minutes), as well as Natal Chart with Transits  Progressions and Solar Arcs (approx 90-100 minutes).

These prices are specials for the Gift Fair (available only through December 31, 2016).


October 21-22, 2016:

Tri-Cities Women’s Expo! 

TC Women's Expo

Come by my booth at the Tri-Cities Women’s Expo October 21-21, 2016 for a mini-reading and enter to win a free 90 minute reading!  This will be my first Tri-Cities Women’s Expo and I’m looking forward to providing mini-readings (30 minutes) for those interested!  This is a great opportunity to get a mini reading on your natal birth chart with some insights of current planetary transits that will bring you closer to experiencing the meaning of astrology within your daily life.  Most find it is a beneficial tool for a guide of the current “cosmic weather” related their life within the whole.  Astrology can help bring understanding and self awareness of how we experience our patterns in the cycle of life, what challenges us and even the themes of how and where we grow.

Astrology is fun, come by and experience it yourself!

Astrologer, Sarrah West   Follow my events and specials here on my website or on Facebook.


April 2016:

This weekend I’m facilitating a workshop at the NW Healing Spirit Expo next month at the Kennewick Red Lion on Sunday, April 10th at 12:00 pm on Sun, Moon and Ascendant Astrology. Hope to see you there, it will be a fun expo!  The NW Healing Spirit Expo is April 9th and 10th.

Sun, Moon & Ascendant FINAL



Webinar:  Tuesday, March 15th, 2016.  Essential Astrology – Understanding the Birth Chart.

Are you absolute beginner interested in what astrology can offer you for self awareness, life experience and spiritual growth?

I’m repeating my Essential Astrology – Understanding the Birth Chart class in webinar format for a fraction of the in-person workshop fee.  For $5 you can sit comfortably at your computer and listen to the basics on the modes, elements, zodiac symbols, what each “house” of the zodiac symbolizes, planet symbols used and what they symbolize in our worldly experience.  I cover each area with enough information to then look at a sample few charts to pull it all together.  I will include a worksheet that each person can use to begin expanding their knowledge on the topic.  If you ever wanted to know what your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign mean in the zodiac this is the beginning class for you!  Come join us, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 6:30 PM online.  Get your ticket early so I can send you the actual webinar link a day before the event so you are registered.  Registration will close March 14th at 10:00 PM PT.  Sarrah West



Workshop:  Mars Astrology – A Closer Look 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 7PM at The Divine Fellowship in Richland.

We’ll be exploring Mars to understand the archetypal language as it is in each sign of the zodiac,the combination with other planets and it’s rulership. We’ll view the transits Mars makes this year and explore a few sample charts to emphasize the topic. $15.00 fee Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 7PM at The Divine Fellowship in Richland. (513 Barth Ave.) Mars Astrology- A Closer Look